Children and Youth for Peace Agency – Sierra Leone (CYPA-SL)

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Due to community violence and violation of human rights in the society which leads to the unrest of the country’s development and …

Last updated: July 2018

Due to community violence and violation of human rights in the society which leads to the unrest of the country’s development and peace, we come together as young people to establish a Civil Society/Non Governmental Organization called CYPA-SL in advocating and promoting peace, human rights and development in the society.

The Children and Youth for Peace Agency– Sierra Leone (CYPA-SL) was formerly called CY4P-SL. It is a non-profit making, Non-Governmental but Youth Led Civil Society Peace, Human rights advocacy and development organization involved in enhancing and promoting Peace and Non-Violence in the society, Rights of Children, Youth Empowerment and also addressing issues on the needs of both direct and indirect vulnerable and marginalized Children, Women, Physical Challenged (Disabled) and Youth inclusion in good governance in the country.

CYPA-SL was founded by patriotic Sierra Leoneans (Youths) from various denominations/Backgrounds who voluntarily utilized their available resources to bring the organization to reality.

It was officially established in Bo-Sierra Leone as a Community Based Civil Society Peace, Human rights advocacy and Development organization in 2009. 


They envisage that the society will be free from all forms of abused, violence and discrimination against Children, vulnerable Women, disabled/physically Challenged in communities. Awaken their ideas on conflict resolution and Development; learn how to calm hot tempered as a foundation for sustainable peace and Unity in the country (Sierra Leone).

Human Rights promotion and Justice for all, “build better society”

Therefore, we enhance Peace and Non-Violence, Human Rights and also advocate on youth empowerment and inclusion in good governance.



Peace and Non-Violence Campaign:

  1. Embark on Peace and Non-violence Education, Sensitization and awareness raising, Gender Based Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual violence (Rape), Child Trafficking and Child Labour prevention campaign
  2. Embark on peace building and conflict management/resolutions in communities
  3. Promote peace and non-violence before, during and after electioneering process
  4. Establish Peace and Nonviolence Advocacy Network / Peace ambassadors Club in schools and communities
  5. Creating positive attitude and behavioural change in the minds of young people on peace, non-violence and drug abuse prevention etc.

Civic rights and advocacy

  1. Promoting and protecting rights and welfare of Children, vulnerable women/Girls, the Disabled and Youths in communities.
  2. Advocating on the involvement of youths in good governance and community development etc.


  1. Youth peace dialogue
  2. Civic sensitization out reach program



The alarming spate of violence among young people, Political party youths and conflict among political parties regarding the 2018 election was  a serious security threat and concern for the Sierra Leoneans in fear of election violence, inter-conflict etc.

that will affect the country’s development and peace.
There has been series of youth violence across the country ranging from politics, gang violence and robbery that has resulted in the loss of lives and properties… 

The Youth Peace Dialogue and Civic Sensitization outreach is an initiative designed to engage young voters, young politicians, party agents, political party chairmen, the security apparatus in Bo, Civil Society Movement, Media houses managers or staff and other key stakeholders on their role in the promotion of peace and non-violence in electioneering processes before, during and after the March 2018 election.

The outreach program was climax with a civic sensitization on Peace and Non-violence, Political Tolerance and non regionalism before, during and after the 2018 election.


  • To promote and raise awareness on Peace, Nonviolence, Political tolerance and non regionalism before during and after March 2018 election and also embark on voter education and Engage young people and stakeholders on their role in the promotion of peace and nonviolence in the society.


  • To Effect positive behaviour, change amongst political party youths and other community youths in the society
  • Putting together people of different background to work for common goal (Peace and non-violence)
  • Promote peaceful election by sensitizing people in Bo and beyond on peace and nonviolence before, during and after March 2018 election.
  • Engage Youths and Key stakeholders in electioneering process through dialogue meetings etc.
  • Embark on civic sensitization through voter educations, distribution of hand bills and posters having nonviolence in election messages etc.


  • Peace Dialogue engagement targeting Youth and Stakeholders
  • Civic Sensitization on peace and non-violence in election 
  • Engagement of political party youths and other key political party stakeholders on their role in promoting peace and nonviolence in election
  • Civic sensitization on the important of peoples’ participation in the promotion of peaceful election
  • Distribution of hand bills having election peaceful messages achieved

A Total of 150 youths and stakeholders attended the youth peace dialogue meeting and over thousands of people with wider coverage where sensitized on peace and non-violence in election targeting political party youths and supporters and it was done through radio discussion, engagement meetings and community outreach.


  • Lack of funding/Donor
  • Lack of mobility and stipend for staff and volunteers


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