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Chintamani builds peace, provides social support and strengthens access to information for the population of Kyrgyzstan's mountain regions
Last updated: October 2016

Public Foundation Chintamani was created in 1999 to build peace, provide social support and strengthen access to information for the population of Kyrgyzstan's mountain regions.

To achieve this, Chintamani has developed various programmes, such as the peace project “Through Legal Assistance and Mediation to Stability” funded by UN OHCHR. This project was implemented in 2011-2012 after the ethnic violence in southern Kyrgyzstan. The aim of the project was to prevent further conflict and promote conflict resolution, mediation, peacemaking, and peacekeeping. Five public discussions and seven trainings/workshops for local authorities and NGO activists were conducted on the topic "Mediation is alternative for conflict resolution”.

Another peacebuilding project “Equality Before the Law” under the support of the Legacy International Fund (USA) was implemented in 2011-2012. The project aimed to promote inter-ethnic harmony in Shamaldy Sui village, of the Jalalabad region.  As a part of the activity, a public awareness campaign and workshops to promote tolerance in the local schools were organised.

In 2014, a project was launched named "Doing Radio, is Making Progress: Breaking the Isolation of the Mountain Communities of Kyrgyzstan". NGO activists created a Community Multimedia Centre for the dissemination of information to residents of Tash-Kumyr. The activists also developed a mobile application “Voice of Aiyl” (English: Voice of Village) for each local user to communicate in a common information network.

The application enables people to read articles, listen to audio and watch videos published by community multimedia centres in Kyrgyzstan. The app delivers the voice of rural women, youth and children directly to decision-makers, in the Kyrgyz, Russian, Uzbek and English languages.

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