Centro de Investigación y Educación Popular/Programa por la Paz (CINEP/PPP)

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CINEP/PPP aims to build a more humane and equitable society. Its actions are clustered around conflict mediation and research into the conflict in Colombia.
Last updated: December 2018

The Centro de Investigación y Educacion Popular/Programa por la Paz (Centre for Investigation and Popular Education/ Programme for Peace) is a non-profit foundation that seeks social change in Colombia. It aims to construct a society that is just, democratic, peaceful and inclusive of all the men and women that have been excluded from society – including Colombia’s victims. CINEP/PPP has been active since 1972.

CINEP/PPP aims to create an alternative method to promote peace and development, as well as a greater respect for rights and the enhancement of democracy.

The work carried out by CINEP/PPP is focused on research, education, advocacy, and communication. In addition, CINEP/PPP offers support to social organisations.

Peacebuilding and development programme

The peacebuilding and development programme seeks the constructive transformation of conflicts and the strengthening of alternative development proposals. The programme views them both as expressions of a new culture of peace in Colombia. The programme purports that, through research, new ways of understanding conflicts can be achieved and that this, alongside the development of education processes and accompaniment, is the path that will allow for the formation of peaceful alternatives that will transform Colombia.

Fulfillment of rights for the strengthening of a democracy programme

In order to enhance the respect for rights, the programme seeks to train civil society organisations. The programme encourages organisations to implement internal practices that demonstrate democratic values and gender equality, and as such strengthen cohesion and coherence between their actions and their political proposals.

General information system

The general information system is a series of databases made up of information collected by CINEP/PPP. The information allows for analysis, classification, and the continual review of social and political issues.

Advocacy and Communication Project

The Advocacy and Communication Project intends to make an impact on public opinion, influence the collective imagination and change certain political practices.

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