Centre for Integrated Programme and Development (CIPD)

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CIPD helps build a prosperous and peaceful society in Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts region.
Last updated: April 2016

Centre for Integrated Programme and Development (CIPD) was established in 1998. CIPD was established to promote the implementation of sustainable development programmes for the people living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) region of Bangladesh. This region of Bangladesh is extremely impoverished and affected by political unrest, armed conflicts, and displacement.


CIPD aims to contribute to building sustainable societies, which will ensure freedom from poverty, and where people will have a greater voice, influence, dignity and security. CIPD seeks to alleviate poverty in the region by offering people access to ways to generate income. CIPD believes in non-directive, bottom up, integrated and participatory development frameworks and acts as a catalyst for those concerned.

CIPD has five strategic objectives intended to help achieve its vision of a prosperous and peaceful society:

  • Sustainable livelihood & economic empowerment
  • Promotion of customary self-governance
  • Empowerment for rights
  • Protection and promotion of culture and identity
  • Ensure gender justice


Action Research on Alternative Development and Capacity Enhancement of Local NGO's in CHT (ARAD-CHT).

This project, funded by EED, has been implemented by CIPD since 2008. The goal is to achieve a prosperous, self-reliant, self-governed and just society where indigenous people can live with peace and dignity. For capacity enhancement a “Training of Facilitators” was provided to local NGOs on topics such as poverty analysis, indigenous rights, and research.

People’s Empowerment for Accessing Rights to Livelihoods (PEARL)

To help ensure food security of the Jumia community and access to basic rights, CIPD, in partnership with Himawanti, is implementing this project. The project includes activities around rice bank management, livestock support, and gender sensitisation.

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