Commission Episcopale Justice et Paix (CEJP)

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The Commission Episcopale Justice et Paix is a peacebuilding initiative of the Catholic Church in Chad.
Last updated: March 2015


The Commission Episcopale Justice et Paix (Episcopal Peace and Justice Commission, CEJP) is a specialist structure of the Catholic Church of Chad, founded in 1992. The initiative's vision is to help construct a more peaceful world, based on promoting human dignity by creating a more just and social society human order.

The CEJP works on the national coordination of the local commissions in Chad's 8 dioceses. Each commission works in turn to coordinate the work of several parish comittees. It functions through a national level staff as well as an Administrative Council and a Bishop, who oversee its peace and justice work.


The CEJP has run projects in many areas, including working on :

  • Mediation in electoral conflicts in 2011-2012, financed by Counterpart International.
  • Working with local elected members in the 10 districts of N'Djamena, financed by Counterpart International.
  • Citizen participation in Pala and Doba, financed by Misereor.
  • Peacebuilding and peace education, financed by CRS – Tchad.
  • Fighting child trafficking, financed by SFACS/ Justice et Paix – CRS.
  • FGM, financed by FNUAP.
  • Reconciliation processes, financed by Secours Catholique France and the UNPD.
  • Conducting research on corruption issues, on a database of conflict in Chad, and on the history of conflict in Eastern Tandjilé. This allowed the establishment of a citizens' group, which in turn set up several local peace and reconciliation committees.CEJP 2
Other activities include:
  • A peace forum in Moundou.
  • A form on natural resource management, in Ati.
  • The initiation and discussion of peace themes for prayers in 8 dioceses.
  • Publishing posters and t-shirts on peace themes.
The projects have helped peaceful political discussions take place around elections in Chad. They have also specifically helped the Kabalaye and Murum communities to conduct mediation activities. The local peace committees are respected and have been solicited even by the administrative authorities.

The CEJP intends to organise an overarching project with the Kabalaye and Murum communities, as well as working on a forum on secularism and to support the work of decentralised authorities in Chad.

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