Community Policing Partners for Justice, Security and Democratic Reforms (COMPPART)


COMPART is a reference point for the justice, safety, security and democratic needs of communities in Nigeria.

Last updated: November 2021

The Community Policing Partners for Justice, Security and Democratic Reforms (COMPPART) is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit rights based peacebuilding organisation working to reduce, and ultimately eradicate, all forms of antagonism between civil society and law enforcement agencies in the lawful discharge of their functions to the communities they serve in Nigeria.

COMPPART was established in 2002 by the Centre for Law Enforcement Education in Nigeria (now CLEEN Foundation for Justice Sector Reform) with efforts to advocate for the adoption and implementation of community policing in Nigeria. Since its inception, COMPPART has been carrying out activities that have led to it becoming a reference point for the justice, safety, security and democratic needs of communities in Nigeria. The organisation has a cordial and sustainable working relationship with different levels of government and agencies such as the Nigeria Police, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp, Nigeria Immigration Service, State House of Assemblies, Ministry of Justice and National Orientation Agency.


The COMPPART community awareness campaign on the Voluntary Principles on Security, Peace and Human Rights, a multi-stakeholder initiative established in 2000, works to enhance the relationship between extractive companies and affected communities related to the impacts of security and human rights arrangements. The Netherlands Embassy in Nigeria supports the project, which covers three states in the Niger Delta region.

Voters' human rights during the Nigerian general elections were supported by the National Endowment for Democracy, to enhance partnership between public and private security agencies in the protection of human rights.

Community level sensitisation and advocacy is conducted to keep community members abreast of developments within the justice sector, and at the same time link them up with agencies that are responsible for addressing different justice-related issues. This programmme has been a success, including curtailing the injustices of 'jungle justice' where community members resort to taking the law into their own hands as a result of perceived dissatisfaction with the formal justice system.

COMPPART runs advocacy events geared towards enhancing partnership between formal and informal security organisations and communities, with the goals of ensuring respect for citizens’ rights, mitigating violence, and fostering democracy. COMPART is working to train members of the Police Public Relations Committee, as well as the local police and other law enforcement and security agencies on human rights, conflict resolution, and alternatives to imprisonment in a developing democratic society.

COMPPART's Democratic Development programme seeks to foster sustainable democratic reforms, guided by the idea of “localising the global, and globalising the locals." The organisation networks with international, regional, and national democratic institutions for purposes of sharing and replicating best practices.

It has also worked to raise awareness among voters on how to prevent electoral violence, including training political supporters using the International Foundation for Electoral Services’ Guideline for Understanding, Adjudicating and Resolving Disputes in Elections.


  • National Human Rights Commission of Nigeria;
  • Network on Police Reforms in Nigeria (NOPRIN);
  • National Association for Peaceful Elections in Nigeria;
  • West Africa Network for Peace-builders (WANEP);
  • Partnership Against Violent Extremism (PAVE);
  • Office of the National Security Adviser;
  • Coalition for Human Rights in Development - Washington D.C;
  • African Coalition on Corporate Accountability (ACCA);
  • National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

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