Conflict Victims' Committee (CVC)

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The Conflict Victims' Committee (CVC) was established in 2006 with the aim of supporting the victims of conflict in Nepal.
Last updated: December 2017

The Conflict Victims' Committee (CVC) was established in 2006 with the aim of supporting the victims of conflict in Nepal. CVC has the following special objectives:

  • To make public the disappearance of people during the conflict
  • To coordinate concerned national and international organizations for making public the disappearance of people
  • To make people aware of the legal instruments for disappearance cases, including compensation
  • To provide economic support to the victims' families
  • To provide legal support to the victims and the victims' families

CVC’s main work is in two specific programmes:

Pilot Programme for Justice

This Pilot Programme for Justice was funded for six months by the UK Embassy of Nepal . This programme focused on disappearances during Nepal's Internal Armed Conflict, working with the victims of disappearances and extra judicial killings. The victims' families were provided with skills development and income generation programmes. A small amount of monetary support was also provided for them to invest and to run a small grocery shop and goat farm. Although the initial funding period is over, the CVC has been regularly keeping in contact with these victims to observe how they have benefited from the activities, and are discussing with the embassy funding for further programmes.

Justice and Reconciliation for Transitional Period

This program was funded by Canadian Cooperation Office (CCO) and also aims to help conflict victims to raise their economic condition through skills development and income generation training. The programme further works to provide legal assistance for disappearance cases and extra-judicial killings.

Besides the above programmes, the CVC has documented disappearance cases in Bardiya district. CVC has been campaigning for justice for victims and for establishing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), organising many activities such as protests. CVC has been developing citizens’ awareness of the legal instruments for filing cases for disappearances and the extra-judicial killings.

CVC is working to establish a network of the organisations working for conflict victims. CVC is further trying to seek the attention of concerned international organisations by providing information about the conflict victims, especially the victims of disappearances. CVC recently submitted a memorandum to the government through the Chief District Officer (CDO) of Bardiya to apply moral pressure for the establishment of the TRC, a Disappearances Commission and Reparations Commission, which the government has now agreed to form.

Anti-amnesty campaign

CVC has launched a campaign against giving amnesty for crimes committed during the conflict. CVC filed a petition to the Supreme Court against the provision of amnesty in Truth and Reconciliation Commision. It has been pressing the government to make the process more victims-centric and to consult victims before taking any decision regarding reparation or compensation. It has been further raising awareness about the TRC and CIED and provision of the commissions. It has been also working to prepare the vicitms to appear in fornt of the commissions and how to take part in discussions.

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