Corporacion Nuevo Arco Iris (CNAI)

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CNAI is a centre for the development of ideas, research and social programmes aimed at reconciliation in Colombia.
Last updated: February 2015

Corporación Nuevo Arco Iris (CNAI) is a centre for the development of ideas, research and social programmes aimed at reconciliation in Colombia. It constructs analysis, frames initiatives and promotes actions related to armed conflict, peace, post-conflict and security. Through the strengthening of both the rule of law and civil society, it aims to contribute towards the deepening of democracy and the construction of alternatives which can bring about social equality and development in Colombia.

The CNAI envisions that in 2015, it will be an institution that has been recognised for its contributions to the construction of a project aimed at national reconciliation that promotes at its core the overcoming of the armed conflict, the deepening of democracy and the guaranteeing of dignity for the victims of Colombia’s conflict.


  • Publication of diverse studies focused on various aspects of the armed conflict.
  • Involvement in processes of regional development, citizens’ peace initiatives, and in strengthening democratic participation.
  • Permanent accompaniment to victims’ organisations in many different regions of the country in their search for truth, justice and reparation.
  • Strengthening productive initiatives aimed at creating an economy based on solidarity and cooperation.
  • Direct contribution to debates surrounding various urban issues such as forced displacement and security.
  • Active participation in the debate concerning the political solution to the armed conflict.


Armed Conflict Observatory

Produce information and analysis concerning the evolution of the armed conflict.

Populations Affected by Conflict

Contribute to the efficiency of the processes aimed at advancing the rights of the population affected by the armed conflict.

Territorial Democratic Management

Support the construction and strengthening of the social networks that increase the effective participation of civil society in the development of initiatives aimed at lasting development understood as a fundamental element in efforts to build a sustainable peace.

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