Center for Peace and Tolerance (CPT)

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CPT strengthens local institutions in Kosovo Serb dominated municipalities and advocates transparent and effective local governance.
Last updated: October 2016

The Center for Peace and Tolerance (CPT) was founded in 2002 with the aim of strengthening local institutions in Kosovo Serb dominated municipalities and advocating transparent and effective sensitive local governance. CPT runs a "Minority Community Centre" in Pristina for elderly people and a "Student Support Centre" in Gracanica for students of Mitrovica university.

Furthermore, CPT has been working on projects to promote indigenous Kosovo Serb traditions, such as an annual art event with young Kosovo Serb artists, and various cultural activities such as Week Of Culture, which took place throughout all Serbian settlements in Kosovo. In total, over 25 cultural events and concerts occurred across Kosovo Serb municipalities during 2010 and 2011.

A particular focus of CPT activities is research. CPT has been subcontracted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to implement qualitative research on media habits of Kosovo Serbs and the preferred technical-legal module for a future Kosovo-wide, TV station in the Serbian language. Many research companies have used CPT’s field staff in their polling. In addition to research on media, the CPT has also conducted analyses on a range of areas - such as a feasibility study for the opening of a kindergarten in central Kosovo for minorities, and market research for Partes Social Advertisement.


  • Conducted a series of conflict resolution documentary screenings throughout Kosovo Serb areas. Supported by National Endowment for democracy through YIHR.
  • Organised comprehensive training for municipal leaders and selected organisations in newly established municipalities. Funding provided by European Commission through KCSF.
  • Performed a management role in the Kosovo Policy Action Network. Funding provided by USAID.
  • Monitored the work of newly established municipalities. Funding provided by KFOS.
  • Conducted a series of events aiming to promote higher turnout among Kosovo Serbs at the parliamentary elections. Funding provided by USAID.
  • Monitored elections and the election campaign. Funding provided by KFOS.
  • Youth leadership project. Funding provided by NED.
  • Established a youth council in Novo Brdo municipality. Funding provided by SCO.
  • Enhanced turnout of minorities in the census. Funding provided by UNOPS.
  • Youth leadership project in eastern Kosovo municipalities. Funding provided by YIHR.
  • Monitored the census process in Kosovo Serb municipalities. Funding provided by FES.
  • Established horizontal linkages between Kosovo Serb dominated municipalities. Funding provided by BTD.
  • Established the "Alternative Cultural Center" in Gracanica. Funding provided by Slovak Aid, UNICEF innovation lab and Luxembourg Embassy
  • Established the "Youth Empowerment Support (Y.E.S.) Center" and "University Career Center." Funding provided OSCE Mission in Kosovo.
  • CPT is implementing partner with the International Organisation for Migration in the EU Return and Reintegration in Kosovo project phase III (EU-RRK III), HOME (Holistic Organisational approach toward a Multiethnic Environment) in Kosovo.
  • Established a youth council in Partes and Ranilug municipalities. Funding provided by KFOS.

In the past couple of years, the organisation has worked on the empowerment of the civic and public sector in the north of Kosovo, with the aim of increasing citizens' participation in decision-making processes. The key purpose of this project was to encourage CSOs and citizens to make better use of public administration system for seeking information on emerging political, security, education, health and other pertinent issues. This objective has been attained through development of public speaking skills of participants - both from public sector and CSOs - to reach out to key decision-makers and thus be directly involved in policy-making processes.

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