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Cultural Leadership exists to develop a generation of socially aware, culturally conscious youth leaders in the USA.
Last updated: November 2017

Cultural Leadership is a youth educational and leadership development organisation that exists to develop a generation of socially aware, culturally conscious youth leaders. They train diverse local middle and high school students in the St. Louis region to become 'trouble makers of the best kind' by encouraging their curiosity, courage and passion for social justice and equality. 

Cultural leadership's mission is to create a more just and equitable community by educating middle and high school students to recognise and resolve issues of privilege and injustice through the lens of the African American and Jewish experience. Established in 2004, Cultural Leadership has now trained more than 400 young people to develop leadership skills, facilitate dialogue, build relationships, and create change in their circles of influence. 

Their High School Program is a year-long program for 24-30 high school students and their parents. Participants attend monthly meetings and complete over 460 program hours. They meet with local and national leaders who are working to solve issues of social injustice; exchange high schools for one day to witness the inequalities of education; and travel to 15 cities that are significant to civil rights, social justice and democracy. 

Cultural leadership also offers Camp Cultural Leadership. The program condenses the year-long high school program into three weeks over the summer, and presents the material at a more age appropriate level. 

Cultural Leadership newest off shoot is the College Internship Program. It places alumni of their leadership programs in parti-time or full-time internships. The internships may be either non-profit organisations or corporations, but they all relate to social justice, diversity and inclusion. 

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