Democratic Action Group (DAG) Dispute Resolution and Development Initiative

DAG promotes the use of non-violent means for resolving conflicts, and the importance of a strong democracy and human rights in Nigeria.
Last updated: October 2021

Based in Kano state, Nigeria, the Democratic Action Group (DAG) Dispute Resolution and Development Initiative is promoting the use of non-violent means for resolving conflict, and the importance of strong democracy and human rights. DAG works with young people, women, and marginalised groups, raising awareness of democracy, and political and human rights.

As part of DAG's work for political empowerment at the grassroots level, the organisation runs projects that bring positive development to the political rights of women at the grassroots level either as voters or politicians. DAG also has also partnered with state and national coalitions to advance the course of grassroots development and democracy in Nigeria.

DAG is also involved in election monitoring, gender awareness, interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution.

Conflict Management Mitigation Regional Council (CMMRC)

DAG is the coordinator in Kano Province for the Conflict Management Mitigation Regional Council (CMMRC) project, which is part of a USAID peace project called 'TOLERANCE' ("Training of Leaders on Religious and National Coexistence"), managed by the Interfaith Mediation Center (IMC), that is based in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Voluntary Policing Sector

DAG is coordinating a one year project on the Voluntary Policing Sector (Neighbourhood Watch), funded by the UK's DFID and the Justice For All project. This includes carrying out baseline research, capacity building and the establishment of community accountability forums.

Other projects

Other recent projects of DAG include:

  • Voter education for civil society organisations.
  • Grassroots sensitization on budget participations as a means of fighting corruption, supported by EU-SRIP in 2010.
  • Female religious leader’s interfaith dialogue in Kano State in 2007. This was a one year project sponsored by the Heinrich Boll Foundation to encourage female religious leaders to speak up for the protection of women's rights.
  • Community participation in the reduction of electoral violence during the 2007 general election.
  • Capacity building training on voter education for CBO’s and NGO’s in Kano State.
  • Fish farming training for women and young people in Kano State as an alternative to violence. DAG trained over 50 women and young people through a specialised fish farming consultancy in Kano as an empowerment program aimed at taking their energy and focus away from violence and conflict.
  • Capacity building for members of community peace for reconciliation in Kano state in 2006. During the implementation, women activists were engaged to ensure that women’s voices are heard during the reconciliation committee meetings and efforts in Kano state.
  • Capacity building project on peace and conflict management for various women groups in Kano between 2012 and 2013. This project is supported by the Kano State Ministry of Local Government Affairs. This project came into existence after DAG convinced the Kano State government of the need to empower women and other marginalized groups.


  • Set up community peace and reconciliation committees in Kano and Taraba States for settling disputes at the grassroot level as well as facilitating communication among various ethno-religious faith leaders in both states.
  • Participated in the production of conflict managements toolkits in 2006.
  • Intervened in farmer and cattle rearer crises in Katsina state in 2004 with the support of USAID Office of Democracy and Good Governance.
  • Intervened in Tiv, Jukun, Fulani crises of  wukari, Taraba State in collaboration with IDIC Supported by USAID Office of Democracy and Good Governance.
  • Intervened in the Ijaw and Itsekiri crises in Delta state in collaboration with Global Citizen Journey.
  • Coordinated a national campaign on the reduction of electoral violence in the north-west zone in 2006-2007 in collaboration with IDASA-Nigeria.

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