Daoo Foundation for Rights and Development

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The Daoo Foundation promotes human rights and social justice to a variety of target groups in Yemen.
Last updated: September 2017

The Daoo Foundation for Rights and Development promotes human rights in general and the implementation of the principle of social justice in accordance with national strategies, visions and methodologies in Yemen.

It works with the aim of contributing to the achievement of sustainable development, the defence of rights and freedoms and the response to urgent humanitarian situations through a range of programs, projects and activities. These include targeting communities according to their needs and conditions.

The Foundation is pursuing in its programs a number of policies to ensure the effective achievement of this target. The are

  • Engaging communities in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs, activities and projects.
  • Taking into account the principles and foundations of sustainable development.
  • Taking into consideration the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and those with social privacy.
  • Taking into account gender sensitivity.
  • Contributing to the implementation and development of national strategies to promote the values of justice and the involvement of the concerned official bodies.
  • Creating multiple partnerships to facilitate the access of services and projects to communities, particularly those in rural areas.


  • Supporting and strengthening the human rights movement in Yemen and the region through: monitoring and documentation; support and advocacy; awareness, training and rehabilitation; and control of the security and judicial authorities.
  •  "Housing - Health - Education - Work" through proposing laws and regulations that help to realise the principle of social justice
  • Food security and livelihood improvement
  • Psychological support
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Empowering the marginalized

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