Development Policy Institute (DPI)

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The Development Policy Institute works to strengthen human rights in Kyrgyzstan.
Last updated: October 2016

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The Development Policy Institute is an organisation which unites experts that have many years of experience in various fields of legislation, public reform and municipal management, local self-governance (LSG), community development and mass communication for the purpose of strengthening human rights in Kyrgyzstan. The main mission of the organisation is to promote human rights in local communities and government. It works for the opportunity to live with dignity by focusing on supporting social and economic change. The organisation was founded in 2009.

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Projects and activities

So far, the Development Policy Institute has implemented more than thirty projects. These were projects focused on:

  • The participation of youth in local self-governance;
  • The development of youth policy and the implementation of youth programmes;
  • The creation of national reports on human development dedicated to community stability and economic growth;

In 2012, the organisation started to focus on peacebuilding activities. Its main peacebuilding project is 'Equal Access to Resources as a Tool of Ethnic Diversity Management in the Municipalities of Chui region', funded by Kyrgyzstan Soros Foundation.

The aim of the project is the development of equitable access to natural resources through open and transparent management of fair competitive provisions of these resources. These are a basic tool in the management of ethnic diversity and conflict prevention within the rural municipalities of Chui oblast in the centre of the country. In the framework of this project, the Development Policy Institute held roundtables and training workshops for officials and awareness campaigns.

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