Djemberem di Cumpo Combersa, Civil Mediation Service for Peace

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Djemberem Di Cumpo Combersa is an independent network organization that provides conflict management services as trainers and dialogue facilitators.
Last updated: December 2017

Djemberem Di Cumpo Combersa (DDCC: Civil Mediation Service for Peace), is an independent network organisation formed by senior military, paramilitary and Guinean civil society individuals that by its experience and after receiving training in conflict management decided to establish an NGO in order to provide services as trainers and dialogue facilitators. In 2009 it assumed the mandate of the National Reconciliation Commission of the Armed Forces. The National Reconciliation Commission had done a greatful work to reconcile both armies (Junta and Presidential armies) that opposed in the conflict in 1998-99. 

Djemberem di cumpo combersa - which in Guinean Kriol means the hut where conversations and consensus are held - is committed to:

  • Improving relations between the Defence and Security sector and the civil society
  • Improving relations within the Defence and Security sector
  • Contributing to conflict management involving security and defence forces and communities.


The organisation currently has fifty members, and intervenes for the peaceful resolution of conflicts through:

  • Capacity building: the implementation of courses of education for peace promoting information and awareness for dialogue, consensus and non-violence
  • Conflict Facilitation / Mediation: Small teams of facilitators help local actors to communicate with effectiveness and improve mutual understanding. DDCC services include participatory mapping of local conflicts by the parties, aim to create conditions for dialogue, support the efforts of local actors -populations, local authorities and traditional authorities- in the management of local conflicts and improve relations between them and between the parties in conflict.

Who benefit from DDCC's peacebuilding work?

- the Defence and Security sectors (armed forces, paramilitaries, police),

- the  Guinean communities.

DDCC is regularly requested by local associations and both private and public organisations affected by conflict throughout the country. DDCC was also requested to play an intermediate role in conversations aiming to release twelve operators of a demining firm retained by Casamance MFDC combatants in 2012.

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