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Donbass SOS works to encourage peaceful dialogue between the state and people affected by conflict in Eastern Ukraine.
Last updated: December 2019

Donbass SOS works to encourage peaceful dialogue between the state and people affected by war in Eastern Ukraine. It was established by activists from Eastern Ukraine on March 2014 in response to clashes in Donetsk. 


Initially, the organisation aimed to provide assistance to affected people, but later it took on a bigger role in the community as a peacebuilding mediator. Donbass SOS monitors and protects the human rights to help build peaceful and nonviolent integration of affected people into the local community.


  • The protection of the human rights of those civilians affected by military actions in Ukraine;
  • Collection, analysis and sharing of information to IDPs;
  • Coordinating activists to provide legal, medical and other forms of support to IDPs;
  • Advocate and campaign for affected people's rights in the state system.

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  • Donbas SOS has launched a hotline through which the affected population can find out how to leave a conflict area and where to settle down, how to find a job, how to receive medical and psychological support, how to access state services (healthcare, social benefits, IDPs registration etc), about their rights and how to protect them.
  • The organisation carries out a variety of information-related activities, including mapping safe roads to leave areas of conflict. In cooperation with other organisations, Donbass SOS monitors human rights violations.
  • Donbas SOS provides free legal consulting for IDPs (consultations and further support in case of violations of human rights)
  • Humanitarian assistance, including targeted emergency aid for vulnerable IDPs throughout the country (medicines, food, diapers, clothing);
  • Advocacy activities, as well as representing and protecting the interests of IDPs in government bodies, reporting information about the problems of civilians living in non-government controlled areas;
  • Charity events: "Books to the East," "Sweet gifts for the New Year", "Christmas gifts for HIV-infected children", "Train of peace and unity", "Children's letters from West to East", "Heart of Donbas", etc;
  • Trainings on development business skills for IDPs and master-classes in employment.



  • More than 66,000 consultations via the hotline;
  • Coordination of evacuation of 3788 people from non-government controlled areas with local volunteers and NGOs;
  • More than 100 tons of humanitarian aid collected and delivered to those in need;
  • 26 persons who were civilian hostages in non-government controlled areas received assistance (evacuation, medical and psychological assistance);
  • Preparation and distribution of over 72,000 copies of printed materials (road maps, attractions "How to behave in a combat zone," "What's the first thing to know leaving the conflict zone," pamphlets on social benefits and humanitarian aid);
  • 12 charitable events organized.

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