Duhozanye Association

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Duhozanye's vision is to transform the lives of widows, including survivors of the genocide.
Last updated: December 2015

Duhozanye is a Kinyarwanda word that means 'Let us console one another'. Duhozanye's vision is to transform the lives of widows by equipping them with shelter, food and development opportunites. The organisation is also working towards development indices and working together with the community to increase equality and peace.


Main objectives

The organisation's mission is to ensure the socio-economic rehabilitation of widows and orphans, victims of the genocide, in order to integrate them into everyday life so that they can become self-reliant and participate in the development of the country. Duhozanye aims to contribute to protecting the rights of widows and orphans and to ensure that they successfully integrate and achieve sustainable development.

Further objectives:

  •  Finding ways and means to put widows out of isolation.
  •  Helping widows to find housing facilities.
  •  Sensitising windows on self-reliance opportunities.
  •  Defending the interests and rights of widows and orphans.
  •  Providing special care to widows incapacitated by the genocide.
  •  Ensuring mutual assistance between widows in order for them to work with each other.

Main activities and achievements

In general, the beneficiaries of the association are widows and youth. Duhozanye has implemented different activities including:

  • Training in peace education and peace building, facilitating dialogue, nonviolent communication and trauma healing.
  • Providing legal aid to the beneficiaries.
  • Organising and facilitating dialogue clubs working on issues hindering people’s welfare in communities. After dialogue and community consultations, the organisation engages in advocacy and engages concerned institutions to find solutions.
  • The association has also undertaken economic empowerment and self-reliance activities.
Find out more about Duhozanye in The News Times, Bahoneza and Plate-Forme.

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