Equipe d’Urgence de la Biodiversite Kinsangi (EUB/Kis)

EUB/Kis operates as a development and humanitarian aid organisation that works to improve the general quality of life in Congo.
Last updated: November 2017

Operating as a development and humanitarian aid organisation, The Equipe d’Urgence de la Biodiversité Kisangani (EUB/Kis, Kisangani Biodiversity Emergency Team) pursues the following main objectives:

  • To improve and promote the quality of life of individuals and the general population
  • To contribute to the development of the population and their living environment
  • To prevent and manage conflicts for peacebuilding


EUB/Kis was created in 1997 in the aftermath of a massive displacement movement coming from the north and the south of the Kivu region, fleeing the 'liberation war' led by the AFDL rebels. With the help of partner organisations such as UNICEF, the organisation took charge of many undernourished children and other homeless families.

This situation of extreme poverty, specifically among the youth, led the organisation to conduct activities of sensitisation for HIV/AIDS and other STD's with the view to diminish their propagation. In 2005, thanks to the installation by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo of the "Programme National Multisectoriel de Lutte contre le SIDA" (Multisectorial National Programme of Fight Against AIDS, PNMLS) with the aid of the World Bank, EUB/Kis was granted a support to fight the spread of the disease through the sensitisation of communities living in Kisangani.

Since 2007 and thanks to the support from UNICEF, EUB/Kis has been able to establish 25 youth clubs dedicated to the sensitisation of a peace education and responsible citizenship. From 2013 to now, EUB/Kis has enjoyed the support of UNICEF for sensitisation of school-children and communities of the Banalia territory on the prevention of conflicts through workshops, youth clubs, cultural and sports activities as well as other educational programmes.


  • Training on the prevention and management of conflicts
  • Establishment of educational programmes on the prevention and management of conflicts
  • Organisation of public broadcasting on the prevention and management of conflicts
  • Establishment of conflict mediation and peace committees
  • Organisation of cultural activities (participatory theater, concerts and sports) on the prevention and management of conflicts


2007-2010: sensitisation of young people on peace education and responsible citizenship, with the support of UNICEF.

2013-2014 : Establishment of the PBEA project on the prevention, management of conflict and peace education in the Banalia territory, with the support of UNICEF and The Organisation et Structure du Secteur de l'Education en RD Congo (Organisation and structure of the Educational Sector in DRC, ESPS).

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