Femmes et Education des Adultes (FEDA)

Femmes et Education des Adultes (FEDA) providing peace education, health and environment support, and livelihoods to support peace in DR Congo.
Last updated: January 2020
FEDA was created on September 8, 2007 at the occasion of International Literacy Day following the needs of providing education and income generation opportunities to women, who as a result of the conflict were denied an education and now, need support to help re-building their lives. FEDA recognizes Education as a tool for transformation
FEDA is established under dispositions of the law N0. 004/2001 recognizing establishment of non-profit organizations in Democratic Republic of Congo and authorized to function under decision N0.5072/BUR/AT/TF-SK/2009
On September 2009 after its registration, FEDA started openly its activities in Adult literacy and vocational trainings with three literacy center in three villages with the project "Establishing literacy centers for women and girls in Kazimia and neighboring villages" with the one year support of NANDO PERETTI FOUNDATION (ITALY)
On April 2010. and after the official visiting of a staff of FEED THE MINDS from UK. FEDA extended its activities with the same program in 6 villages. for 18 Months meanwhile received an invitation to attend to the international workshop in South-SUDAN on Literacy- A tool for promoting peace with the support of FEED THE MINDS.
After the impact evaluation and new needs assessment of the program conducted in 2013 and following the appraisals of donor, The project of Establishing literacy centers for women and girls in Kazimia and neighboring villages took a new and then became the Home based literacy learning and vocational trainings to women and girls affected by the war and got a new support from FEED THE MINDS for three years starting by 2015-2017 to tackle illiteracy and poverty among beneficiaries.
The new needs assessment and the impact evaluation outlined other important needs from the community to address the causes of education of girls orphaned by the war, tackling violence committed against women and girls, providing peace education, providing health and environment as well as the inclusion of persons with disabilities into community programs.
On September 2015, Mr MIKE OFFMAN the chairperson of VIVERE (Switzerland) paid an in-field visit to FEDA and discovered the eminent activities conducted by FEDA and its impact on the community very affected by the war. Then promised to support the education of girls orphaned by the war who are without any assistance. Taking into consideration this opportunity, FEDA created a program of Education support of orphaned girls in secondary studies and universities which came into forces in October of the same year.
FEDA worked also hard to ensure that other programs as assessed needs are working properly. Two other new programs were created and became operational in the same year namely the "Peace embassy program" under support of Fellowship of reconciliation (UK) and "Women and child rights programs" under support of Taiwan foundation for democracy (Taiwan)
CBR (Community based rehabilitation program for persons with disabilities) as well as the health and environmental education program then started one year  later under small own support in 2016.
Considering the impact and success stories of FEDA programs and following positive records from donors and persons who are visiting regularly our area of work, other organisations and supporters decided to provide their support in our programs from latest 2016 today. A part from the above-mentioned supporters, we would also list the following organisations with thanks: Skees famliy foundation(USA), Anike foundation (USA), Robert bosch stiching( Germany), Association Maendeleo italia. Anne frank fonds( Switzerland) and the African capacity building foundation( Zimbabwe)
FEDA gained its first award in 2015 (The British award for Africa development) and became member of diverse national and international coalitions and networks namely : Member of GBV prevention network(Uganda), Member of Initiative for equality coalition(USA), Member of the international women sthrive alliance(USA), Member of global women network for reproductive rights(Phillipines), Member of YDAY-KIVU (DRC) Member of Girls not Bridges coalition( UK) and Member of NDSAN network( Italy)

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