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FIP is a Colombian NGO working nationwide on researching and monitoring the armed conflict and creating proposals for peace negotiations.
Last updated: December 2019

Since 1999, when a group of Colombian businessmen created the Ideas for Peace Foundation (FIP), we have contributed, independently, to the search for a way out of the armed conflict in Colombia and to the construction of a democratic, peaceful and prosperous society that is successfully inserted into the international political and economic order, through proposals, knowledge and research.

Colombia is today facing a scenario of great challenges. In a context in which institutional strengthening, progress in modernizing the State and economic growth contrast with persistent shortcomings in terms of equity, respect, territorial integration, corruption, citizen security and coexistence, it is essential to continue working on building sustainable peace. This implies the generation of deep political and social changes, transformation of values and realities at all levels and in the different territories. We are also facing the serious possibility of definitively ending the armed conflict with the guerrillas, which would constitute an additional opportunity to advance these goals.

The IFJ is committed to contributing significantly to these changes by understanding the conflicts in our country, seeking to provide a voice and exercising the necessary leadership to mobilise citizens, public servants and business people around the common objective of building a peaceful society throughout the country. To achieve this purpose, we understand that it is necessary to work on the production of knowledge, consulting and project management in order to create competencies and develop capacities in different actors. This is why the mission of the IFJ is to generate knowledge, propose initiatives, develop practices and accompany processes to contribute to the construction of a stable and lasting peace in Colombia.

The IFJ bases its contribution on four approaches

Culture of peace and legality, seen from the perspective of building social capital, coexistence and respect for human rights, as well as the promotion of legal behaviour and the use of legitimate channels for economic and social development in all the territories of Colombia.

Security, understood as a public good in whose provision the action of the State and the citizenry converge. For the IFJ, security seen from a perspective of prevention and the creation of conditions that allow the free exercise of rights and public freedoms is a necessary condition for peace to be sustainable.

Institutional strengthening, understood as the development of capacities and competencies in people and organizations that promote excellence, contribute to the construction of the public sphere, guarantee governance and encourage ethical, fair, transparent and equitable behaviour.

Active participation of the business sector, seen as a key player in social, political and economic transformations, which requires the State to have a territorial presence and which, by working with it, becomes a catalyst for equitable and democratic development.

By 2020, the IFJ will have been a fundamental actor, leader and promoter of the articulation between the State, business and civil society for the consolidation of a peaceful Nation. It will have mobilised more entrepreneurs to commit to the work of the Foundation and helped them to understand their roles in different contexts. It will also have made strategic alliances with organizations that have complementary strengths and expertise, to enhance its mission. The IFJ will be recognised for its independence and commitment to the public good, while at the same time positioning itself as one of the most relevant think tanks in the region on issues of conflict, peace-building and public security, with a highly qualified and innovative team.

Emprender Peace Award

In order to recognise the efforts made by national companies, the IFJ has created the Entrepreneurship for Peace Award which encourages, promotes and publicises the commitment of business to the peace process

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