Flamme d’Avenir

Flamme d’Avenir’s vision is to improve the socio-economic conditions in east DR Congo and ensure that peace and human rights are respected.
Last updated: November 2017

Flamme d’Avenir’ ('Flame of the Future' in English) works to improve the socio-economic conditions in the provinces of South Kivu and North Kivu and ensure that peace is achieved and human rights are respected. They envision a future where sustainable peace and development is driven by creative, involved, and critical-thinking youth. Within this vision of the nation, it is the young people who act as agents of positive change, working together towards sustainable peace and development. Flamme d’Avenir aims to empower youth with opportunities to become active citizens through peacebuilding and development.


Flamme d’Avenir was founded in Fizi in 2008 where it continues to have an office, but is now based in Uvira. It was formally registered as a Congolese NGO in 2013.

Flamme d’Avenir focuses on six core programmes in order to contribute to peace and development in DR Congo:

  • Governance and Human Rights
  • Economic and Social Development Programme
  • Peacebuilding Programme
  • Research and Advocacy
  • Handicraft Programme
  • Health and Education

Youth as agents for positive change

The founding members of Flamme d’Avenir recognised that the minds of young people were manipulated for political gain during the recent wars. Not only that, but in the current post-conflict years it was observed that divisions based upon ethnic differences still remained between young people.

Flamme d’Avenir have created opportunities which enhance young peoples' capacity to analyse the root causes of conflicts, and facilitate dialogue amongst peers in order to generate ideas and activities that work towards sustainable peace and social-economic development.


Peacebuilding Institute

Each December, Flamme d’Avenir organises a 'Peacebuilding Institute' in Uvira. There they meet with youth and exchange ideas, learning and share from one another on ways in which DR Congo can find peace. The students have the opportunity to engage in critical thinking and problem solving, analyse complex issues and develop skills as global citizens in cross-cultural dialogue.

Peacebuilding & Commemoration Project

In order to engage youth in dealing with the past constructively, Flamme d’Avenir works to conduct peacebuilding training and workshops that equip youth with the tools they need to build sustainable peace.

Their youth organise national and international public speaking competitions and conferences to help them understand how the past can be rebuilt upon in order to build a brighter future. Young people address topics related to dealing with the traumatic past, as well as civilian courage during war and the effects of ethnically-targeted violence.

School & Youth Peacebuilding Clubs

Flamme d’Avenir has peacebuilding clubs and associations in different schools and universities throughout the DRC. These clubs and associations empower young people through youth-led activities and projects that engage their intellect and ideas, develop their capacities as leaders and positively contribute to building sustainable peace in their communities and nation.

Each of the clubs build on the talents of the youth to create and lead activities that promote critical thinking, dialogue, building sustainable peace, and socio-economic development. Youth have independently generated projects such as commemoration events, debates, theatre performances, sporting events, community service projects and income-generating activities.

Future Plans

Flamme d’Avenir are planning to build a Peace Centre in Goma, with the support from Never Again International. They also aim to establish a great number of additional peace clubs in schools in North and South Kivu by the end of the year, also with the support from Never Again International Canada.

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