Forum des Mamans de l'Ituri (FOMI)

FOMI is an organisation dedicated to fighting for women's rights in Ituri, one of the regions affected by the worst fighting in east DRC.
Last updated: November 2017

FOMI wants to see the building of a society in which women are united, educated, respected
The Forum des Mamans de l’Ituri (FOMI; 'The Forum of Mother of Ituri' in English) is a network of women’s organisations created on the 15 October 2001 during the period of armed conflict in DR Congo. FOMI operates in Ituri, one of the regions most affected by fighting during the Congolese wars.

FOMI analyses the situation of women in Ituri, undertakes action in support of women’s rights and is a pressure group to denounce acts of violence against women. It has initiated actions which support both women and their children. In sum, FOMI wants to see the building of a society in which women are united, educated, respected, and participate in meeting the needs of their households.

Its mission is:

  • To support actions for the pacification of Ituri, which are led both by women and for women.
  • To support the promotion of the gendered approach and the respect of human rights.
  • To support the promotion of women’s organisations in Ituri.

Some activities already undertaken include:

  • The coordination and development of 36 women’s organisations in Bunia and 5 territorial networks of women’s organisations.
  • Training of over 200 women from 90 organisations in conflict prevention, management and resolution.
  • Support and socioeconomic reinsertion of over 1,850 victims of sexual violence and 263 ex-combatants, through income-generating activities. Help given to more than 2,500 returnee families in the form of community reinsertion kits.
  • Creation of ‘motor units’ on the community-level (for men and women) to increase capacity for sensitisation on peaceful co-habitation and inter-community mediation.
  • Creation of 162 small 'Mothers for Peace' groups in the 5 territories.
  • Holding the authorities to account in relation to insecurity and human rights abuses (military, administrative and sexual violence abuses).
  • Promotion of human and women’s rights, responsible citizenship and the emergence of female leadership at the community level.

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