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Forum Civil promotes good governance, transparency and the fight against corruption in Senegal.
Last updated: December 2017

The Forum Civil (Civil Forum) was created in 1993. It promotes good governance, transparency and the fight against corruption.

Forum Civil is composed of volunteer members who do not belong to any political parties, which is also a prerequisite for being a member. It works on the basis of a manifesto containing eleven guidelines on which the association's action is based:

  • The promotion of a global and participatory democracy including all its aspects: political, social, economic and cultural;
  • The emergence of a new citizenship, instituting an active and responsible citizen capable of exercising pressure on decision-makers to take his /her aspirations into account and ensuring compliance with the principle of accountability;
  • Transparency, good governance and the fight against corruption;
  • Placing greater value on national expertise and taking better account of objective, technical dimensions in decision-making.

Since its creation, Forum Civil has been very much involved in the promotion and facilitation of democratic dialogue in a space open to all social sensitivities. The activities of Forum Civil for the emergence of a new citizenship have contributed to a greater accountability of citizens and enhanced responsiveness of policy-makers.

In the area of transparency, good governance and the fight against corruption, Forum Civil particularly distinguished itself and was accredited by Transparency International as its Senegalese Chapter, in 2000. The association organised for the first time in Senegal, in 1990, a national seminar on Transparency in the Management of Public Property, which contributed significantly to breaking the taboo on the phenomenon of corruption. Forum Civil is nationally represented through its 80 local chapters.

The commitment of Forum Civil and its partners in civil society helped to permanently keep issues of transparency, good governance and the fight against corruption on the national agenda. To consolidate these accomplishments, Forum Civil initiated the creation in December 2002, of a National Coalition for Transparency and against Corruption, involving a wide range of civil society organisations: including human rights organisations, women and youth movements, trade unions, labour organisations and religious organisations, to deal with the inherently cross-cutting nature of transparency and anti-corruption issues.

Forum Civil has received funding from bilateral and multilateral assistance organisations and foundations.

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