Forum Global De Chercheurs D’alternatives (FGCA)

Forum Global De Chercheurs D’alternatives (FGCA) accompanies communities in DR Congo to build resilience and promote peace.

Forum Global De Chercheurs D’alternatives (FGCA) aims to accompany communities to strengthen their resilience capacity. Its mission is the search for sustainable solutions and the promotion of a just world.

Forum Global de Chercheurs d'Alternatives is a non-profit association (asbl) under Congolese law created in Bunia on 13 May 2011 in accordance with the decree law of 13/09/1965 relating to non-profit associations asbl as supplemented by law n˚004/2001 of 20 July 2001 on the general provisions applicable to non-profit associations and public utility institutions. Forum Global de Chercheurs d'Alternatives, FGCA is recognised and registered at the Ministry of Justice under Nº JUST/SG/20/1003/2020 by acknowledgement of receipt nº F.92/37.533. It is registered at the Ministry of Planning by a Certificate of Identification of NGO/asbl n˚BUR/PL/PROVIT/ALN: 048/2017.

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