Foung Youth Development Association

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FYDA encourages citizens to play an active role in the development of sustainable peace in their communities in South Sudan.
Last updated: January 2018

Foung Youth Development Association (FYDA) is a local NGO registered in South Sudan and Kenya. It is a rights-based organisation working towards achieving 'justice for all'. The organisation has a two-fold programming approach - comprising both a practical interventions component and a human rights component - which informs the design and implementation of all of its projects.

While their practical interventions are tackling the consequences of a particular problem, the human rights component of their programming is more focussed on addressing the root causes of conflict and addressing its consequences. FYDA operates in the Blue Nile region, mainly in areas controlled by the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM). 

Vision: An inclusive human rights movement built around a society in which peace and justice for all is ensured. 

Mission: Empowering citizens to actively and efficiently claim, protect and promote their socio-cultural economic, political and human rights, and assume their responsibilities in a way that ensures a sustainable peace. 

Programmes and activities

FYDA interventions are aimed to contribute to peaceful coexistence, peace-building, conflict transformation, human rights protection, and ultimately facilitate community-based dialogue.

Maban County Conflict Mitigation and Peace Building Project

Implemented in Bonj town, this project aimed to solve the violent conflict that broke up between the host community of Maban tribe and the refugees from blue Nile, over limited resources and frequent theft. By the end of the sessions, communities reached a consensus and understanding. Since then, peace between the refugees and the host communities has prevailed.

Food Security and Livelihood Project

The project distributes food items to IDPs in four sub-counties. Through his project, FYDA has provided emergency food items to over 6,000 IDPs living in the rebel controlled area where there's no other international aid available. It contributes to peace and security and enables IDPs to survive without resorting to violence means to access food. 

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