Fundación Salvador del Mundo

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FUSALMO helps develop educational programmes supporting young people at risk of joining gangs in El Salvador and Central America.
Last updated: January 2016 Image credit: FUSALMO.

Fundación Salvador del Mundo (FUSALMO) is an NGO that works with socially vulnerable children and young people, offering educational and other support for their development. Founded in 2001, its work is based around three sports centres in San Miguel, Santa Ana, and Soyapango, all located in areas with high levels of youth violence, including those affected by gangs.

FUSALMO has two main strategies:

  • The "Programa Integral Juvenil Don Bosco". In conjunction with the Salvador Ministry of Education, this programme helps support the national curriculum with work at FUSALMO's centres on values, sport, art, culture, peace education, technology, robotics and business training. Psycho-pedagogic and other programmes focus their attention on young people at risk of joining gangs, based on a strategy of helping them develop new opportunities, integrating with their families and providing community support.
  • The second area of FUSALMO's work concentrates on coordinating with educational centres, communities, councils and the private sector. The work aims to help support the development of sustainable education and peace education programmes, sports and arts education monitoring and other work including training in human rights.
Around 5,000 young people take part in the three national centres, while many other special projects work on violence prevention, restorative justice, youth penal justice and youth participation work.

FULSAMO has won many national and international awards recognising its work.

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