Grassroots Relief and Development Agency (GREDA)

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Grassroots Relief and Development Agency was formed in 2010 to enhance peaceful co-existence, good governance and better living standards in South Sudan.
Last updated: August 2016


Grassroots Relief and Development Agency (GREDA) was formed in 2010 to enhance peaceful co-existence, good governance and better living standards in South Sudan. At its formation, GREDA envisaged that the poorest and most vulnerable people of South Sudan could be protected from natural and man-made disasters, free from poverty, hunger, illiteracy, sickness and HIV/Aids, and from human rights abuses. It has partnered with local NGOs such as Mundri Active Youth Association (MAYA) and international organisations including the Afro-Canadian Evangelical Mission (ACEM) and the UN World Food Programme, in order to carry out its work.

GREDA works in the following areas:

  • Peace Building, Conflict Mitigation & Resolution
  • Promotion of Good governance & Civic Engagement
  • Promotion & Protection of Human rights
  • Prevention, Management and Response to Gender Based Violence.
  • Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth through Microfinance and Vocational Trainings.
  • Promotion of Agriculture, Food security and livelihoods
  • Constructuon of Low Cost Houses for the Poorest Vulnerable Widows.
  • Provision of Humanitarian Relief Aids to Victims of Disasters.
  • Provison of Basic Health Services, Repoductive Health, Family Planning and HIV Awareness.
  • Provide support to Basic Education.

Key activities

GREDA has trained youths in Jonglei and Unity States and educated them in the culture of peace and reconciliation. As a result, young people have established peace networks in these regions of South Sudan. Youths in the these networks built peace and reconciled the communities from across different ethnic divides.The community trust building efforts within the peace networks have resulted in peaceful methods over violent methods of conflict resolution being adopted by communities in the target areas.

In Western Equatoria State, GREDA has a network of ninety trained peacebuilders helping communities to handle local conflict and prevent the emergence of violence.

GREDA is also working to overcome the effects of 21 years of protracted civil conflict on families in South Sudan by constructing low cost houses for 25 widows and their children in Mundri East County. These families are selected by their communities. The children of the widows now have access to education, clean drinking water, health care and protection.

In Western Equatoria State, GREDA has secured 500 acres of land from local communities. From the start of 2015, the organisation has been organising and supporting women and youth farm groups to produce food for themselves, strengthening their self-sufficiency and self-reliance. The new projects help to prevent youth from engaging in violent activities like cattle raiding. Eighty women and 40 young people are currently benefiting from this project.

In Central Equatoria state, GREDA is supporting children displaced by armed conflict. These school children are receiving education across the Juba bridge and GREDA is linking them with key donors. As result of GREDA’s intervention, more parents now send their children to school and more stakeholders are aware of the dire needs of these children.

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