Green Alternatives and Peace Movement (Gap Uganda)

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GAP-UGANDA promotes and acts for peace, the environment, human rights and sustainable livelihoods.
Last updated: July 2015

GAP-UGANDA is a membership based not for profit organisation founded in 1997 and registered in 2001. Its mission is to promote, facilitate, advocate and act for peace, the environment, natural resources, human rights, social justice, grassroots empowerment, sustainable livelihoods and development.

It acknowledges and celebrates humans connection to the Earth, to each other and to all lives in order to achieve and share sustainable peace and save the earth we share.

Gap Uganda's values are:

Respect for diversity: GAP Uganda's values are that people must honour, respect and support cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity.

Race and gender Equality: Promoting cooperative interaction and equal rights for women and minorities to replace ethics of domination/Control. Encouraging people to care about people outside their own group is important to GAP Uganda.

Human rights and social justice: We must respond to human suffering in ways that promote dignity. GAP Uganda tries to encourage people to commit themselves to lifestyles that promote healthy living.

Community controlled education: GAP Uganda believe in a community controlled education system that effectively teaches children academic skills, ecological wisdom, social responsibility and personal growth.

Grassroots democracy: encouraging and assisting citizen participation at the local level in decision-making.

Community based economics: Ensuring basic material security and social equity for all, using humane, liberating, and ecologically sound techniques.

Decentralisation: empowering people, institutions, and communities to become more self-reliant.

Ecological wisdom: respecting nature and using natural resources wisely.

Peace and nonviolence: individual members of Gap-Uganda are working for lasting peace at personal, national, and global levels.

Personal and global responsibility: encouraging healthy lifestyles, taking responsibility for personal and social growth.

Gap-Uganda's objectives are:

  1. To promote public awareness, education, training and capacity building for socio-economic empowerment, good governance, participatory social justice through debates, publications, conferences, documentaries, performing arts, cultural and educational exchange programmes;

  2. To protect, conserve and enhance biodiversity, the environment and natural resources for sustainable development;

  3. To address the health issues, HIV/AIDS, water, agriculture, food and nutrition security to end hunger, malnutrition and reduce peoples’ suffering;

  4. To mobilise the masses and resources to facilitate and promote community based development initiatives for income generation to reduce ardent poverty and promote self-reliance;

  5. To promote, advocate and act for peace, non-violence, dialogue, conflict resolution, social justice, humanitarian relief, disaster preparedness and management;

  6. To integrate, carry out and report research on any development issues for urgent action;

  7. To address the needs of orphans, widows, disabled, the sick, children, youth and the elderly;

  8. To coordinate, cooperate or work in partnership with any local, international organisations/agencies, associations or groups with similar interests and objectives

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