Global Youth Foundation (GYF)

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GYF is a youth-led organisation which works to promote peace, inter-community harmony, and justice in Indian-administered Kashmir.
Last updated: December 2019

Global Youth Foundation (GYF) is a voluntary organisation of young people, mainly in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, which works to promote peace, inter-community harmony, and justice. It was founded by a group of students and other youth who were eager for social change. The organisation works peacefully for a more inclusive, liberal, secular society. It promotes human rights, dignity and democracy for all. It strives for women's rights and to empower the economically and socially weak.



GYF has involved itself throughout the region of Kashmir to help bridge the gap between communities in conflict. It has focused on the economy by helping unemployed young people. GYF has also led protests against human rights abuses by the police and army. Among other issues, it has focused on drug abuse, corruption and domestic violence. GYF has made documentary films on human rights and related issues. It has campaigned against capital punishment, draconian laws and human rights violations. It has organized candlelit vigils, torch-light rallies, processions, demonstrations ans signature campaigns on these issues. GYF has hosted interactive debates, discussions and forums organised in schools, colleges, and public places where eminent speakers and scholars speak to the public, to reduce violent protests and to maintain harmony. GYF worked round the clock for flood relief and rehabilitation in 2014. It has established blood donation camps and donated medical expenses and monetary assistance to those incapacitated in mine explosions.


We have inspired young men and women with hope. In a place and time where three types of responses are common; cynical exploitation of the opportunities of a conflict economy, callous indifference, and depression; we count this spark of hope as a major achievement. In an environment of increasing intolerance, we have not only promoted knowledge, understanding and acceptance of other types of people, our members have welcomed persons from other religious, sectarian and ethnic backgrounds into their homes. We are dedicated to building peace in our times - Touseef Raina, GYF Founder

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