Human Development and Peace Campaign (HUDEP)

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HUDEP works to document and disseminate information regarding missing person cases, mostly connected to the armed conflict in Nepal.
Last updated: December 2017

The Human Development and Peace Campaign (HUDEP) works to document and disseminate information regarding missing person cases, mostly connected to the armed conflict in Nepal. It has established networks with the Office of the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights (UNHCR) based in Kathmandu. The organisation believes that exposing people for their gross human rights violations during conflict mitigates the impacts of conflict and also forces the conflicting parties to respect universal human rights and humanitarian laws. Publishing the violations caused by the conflicting parties further pressurises them to reach a ceasefire and peace agreement. HUDEP's reports have been in high demand at national and international levels, but have also proved dangerous - HUDEP staff have received threats, particularly relating to their work exposing disappearances arranged by the Royal Nepal Army.


Reconciliation, or the Reestablishment of Social Cohesion and Communal Coexistence Project, aimed to promote peace in the Terai. The initiative focused on understanding the core problems of Madhesi people and reducing conflict with Pahade people. The aim was to develop a consensus for reestablishing social cohesion and peaceful coexistence in Terai, as these have deteriorated during the recent unrest between the Pahade people and the Madhesi people.

Enhancing Democratisation

This project aimed to strengthen democracy in Nepal by campaigning in remote areas and promoting awareness of the new constitution. The aim of the project is to help involve all members of society in Nepal’s peace process and constitution-building. HUDEP produced accessible materials in Nepali, Maithili, and Hindi on issues such as democracy, human rights, the elections, the Constituent Assembly, etc. These included booklets, leaflets, posters, cartoons, and stickers. They ran workshops in 15 different districts, each with 50 participants, on inclusive democracy and election processes. HUDEP also conducted an interactive campaign in 80 Village Development Committees, across eight districts, calling for free and fair elections.

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