Imperative Initiative for Motivation of Global Care IIMGC

IIMGC aims to foster unity and development in people’s lives, and promotes the inclusion of women's voices at all levels of policy making in Nigeria.
Last updated: October 2021

Imperative Initiative for Motivation of Global Care (IIMGC) is an International human right, development peacebuilding and empowerment Non-Governmental Organization registered in Nigeria with special interests in vulnerable population, health, education and economic empowerment. The organization has a retinue of well-trained volunteer personnel with core competencies in the afore-mentioned areas and with past experiences therein.


IIMGC promotes peaceful coexistence among all peoples and communities in Nigeria. The organization aims to foster unity and development in people’s lives, and promotes the inclusion of women's voices at all levels of policy making. IIMGC also engage local communities on Peacebuilding processes by creating avenues to improve the rights of the affected populations. Through programmes consisting of consulting community groups regarding private investments and or Self Help Group-Investment Programs (SHG-IP) as well as skill empowerment through farming, cottage factories and Women Environmental Advancement Projects (WEAP) . These programs are geared to improve the traumatic effects of women and especially Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) these resources lost by conflict and displacement


Is to bring peace and sustainable development to local communities in order to help eradicate poverty, war and the neglect of human rights.


IIMGC works with communities experiencing high levels of insecurity or significant political transition, or those recovering from a natural disaster. The organisation has identified numerous local and national peace ambassadors to advance efforts on equality in areas of conflict and insecurity.

We perform a vast array of humanitarian services through our competent coalition partners known as Sustainable Economic Empowerment Development Scheme (SEEDS) Coalition, created by our organization.

We organize and partner with reliable NGOs/CBOs and other private/international organizations etc. To provide a more economical yet innovative strategy on Human Development (HD) and Sustainable Projects (SP) from start to finish. Members connect, learn and accomplish shared goals for public good and personal development.

We offer opportunities for our partners to learn about potential community needs and benefits. Together we develop strategic skills and collaborate to develop solutions. We believe in team work because we can achieve more towards a common vision.


We are particularly interested in developing people as well as institutions for a holistic uplifting of standard of living, quality of life and dedicated to fight for the rights of women, children and youths by building strong peaceful communities globally that provide people with an opportunity to earn a dignified living, raise healthy families for a better generation. This process is achieved through capacity building, volunteer network with grassroots organizations, coalition networks and by forging linkages among government, business and the citizen sectors to achieve social, health, economic and environmental justice.

Major achievement

  1. IIMGC organised advocacy events on the need for peaceful coexistence in Borno State with support from the Universal Agriculture Empowerment and Development Initiative (UNAEDI). Local women were sensitized on the importance of family and community engagement.
  1. Also in partnership with UNAEDI, IIMGC organised training programmes on skill acquisition and empowerment projects in northern Nigeria. 100 women and young people benefited from this project.
  1. Successfully entered into partnership with National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) for Manufacturing, Engineering, Research & Training, and Extension Services worth Two Billion USD dollars ($2, 000, 000, 000.00) Sustainable Development Scheme referred to as “SDS project “. To partner and synergize in order to bring peace and sustainable development to local communities and help eradicate poverty, war and the neglect of human right under the Global Impact Africa Framework (GIAF) and Humanitarian and Socio-economic & Health Empowerment Schemes (HUMSOHES) framework.
  1. Paid a courtesy visit to the Zazzau Emirate council and spoke with His Royal Highness (HRH) Dr Shehu Idris on the needs to empower women, children youths as well as to provide sensitization for healthy lifestyle, peace and environmental adaptation.
  1. Successfully entered into partnership with Zaria Local Government for Women Empowerment and Adaptation for Climate Change (WEACLIC).
  1. Conducted an advocacy visit to the orphanage at Tukur Tukur, Zaria Kaduna State.
  1. Conducted an advocacy visit to Beth Torrey Orphanage home for the physically challenged.
  1. Has successfully carried out an ongoing intervention for poverty alleviation at Kawu Community Bwari FCT.
  1. IIMGC is in partnership with GR-PAIL to improve livelihood conditions of the local communities and to create jobs.
  1. Successfully paid an advocacy visit to the Village head at Maje Community at Suleja local government and Minna Niger State, to conduct mapping and to improve their Water, Health Sanitation (WASH) etc.
  1. Successfully conducted a mapping & partnership arrangement with Ministry of Environment and Forestry for a Socio-Economic, Environment Awareness &Training for the Grassroots (SEEATRAG), Gombe and Kaduna state.
  1. Has entered into partnership with Environmental Health Officers' Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON) for a practical knowledge involvement in personal health, animal health, microbiology, provision of water etc. and conduct trainings/campaigns on health activities, providing professional advice and guidance, thereby gaining community confidence and encouraging participation. As well as maintained close contact with community.
  1. Is in collaborative/partnership with consultants all over Latin America.
  1. Has entered into partnership with Zaria Local Government in Kaduna State and has made several impacts in communities.
  1. Successfully conducted trainings on skill acquisition for hundreds of participants over the last couple of years with visible measured positive impact.
  1. Successfully aided and supported members/volunteers with micro credits, loans for various businesses as well as recouping same from borrowers.
  1. Successfully carried out various support/campaign intervention in health, education, poverty alleviation in remote rural communities around Abuja and Niger State with as a litmus to taking it country wide.
  1. Successfully carried out Human Right & Peace campaign and advocacy across media other social networks to over 2.4 million peace participants.
  1. Successfully partnered with Youth Peace in Seoul, Korea as part of our Peace Initiatives.
  1. Successfully partnered with an international organization Insight Conflict.
  1. Successfully carried out a HIV/AIDS prevention campaign.
  1. A signatory to a Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce; a global initiative that stands by businesses adopting sustainability and fair trade known as International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO).

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