Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center

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IJPC is a faith-based organisation advocating for peace and nonviolence in the USA.
Last updated: January 2020

The Intercommunity Justice & Peace Center was founded in 1985 by members of five Catholic religious women's congregations to collaborate on issues of social justice. It has evolved into an ecumenical organization supported by twenty-two sponsors while maintaining a faith-based tradition.  IJPC educates and advocates for peace, challenges unjust local, national and global systems, and promotes the creation of a nonviolent society. Currently, IJPC addresses local, national and international concerns focusing on ending the death penalty, immigration reform, human trafficking and peace and nonviolence. Under the umbrella of peace and nonviolence, they address racism, ending gun violence, and international peace issues

Recently, IJPC has made Cincinnati a more peaceful place by:

  • Educating college students about the injustices of our death penalty system through a Critical Issues in Criminal Justice presentation
  • Leading participants on our "Race and Racism in Cincinnati" bus tour that examines sites of racial trauma and resilience that have impacted and continue to impact our city
  • Organizing public marches and rallies that symbolize unity, love, and solidarity against gun violence
  • Creating a human trafficking media toolkit that journalists and reporters can use as a guide to hep them report these stories effectively and respectfully
  • Use storytelling to  create a unique and powerful voice advocating for comprehensive immigration reform

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