Association “Imedi” IDP Women’s Movement for Peace

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Imedi works to promote women's participation in conflict resolution and peacebuilding processes in Georgia.
Last updated: November 2019

Association “Imedi” IDP Women's Movement for Peace works to promote women's participation in conflict resolution and peacebuilding processes, as well as the psycho-social and economic rehabilitation of internally displaced persons. It was founded in 1999 in Zugdid by individuals displaced from Abkhazia.


The main target groups of the organisation are: IDP women and young girls living in collective centres; female-representatives of Georgian-Abkhaz mixed families; members of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Women’s Network; IDP and local women leaders; and young people and women living in both sides of conflict zone, including Gali, Abkhazia.


Main areas of activity include: informal education for youth and women; peace building; advocacy for the problems of IDPs; psycho-social programme of IDPs; women’s rights and gender equality; informal education of women and youth.

In the course of its existence, the organisation has implemented 35 projects in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. These include:

  • Forums, conferences, trainings, seminars, round table discussions, debates, information meetings;
  • Free legal, psychological and reproductive health  consultations for women and young girls;
  • Empowerment of IDP and women in public and political life and strengthening their role in peacebuilding process;
  • Promotion of gender equality and eradication of domestic violence;
  • Organising public discussions on current affairs in Abkhazia as well as the prospects for conflict resolution;
  • Participation in peacebuilding meetings involving Georgian-Abkhaz women and/or women from other Caucasus countries/territories (Dubrovnik, Sochi, Riga, Istanbul, Kiev, Stockholm);
  • Youth camps for local and IDP children;
  • Summer schools for IDP women; and
  • Activities aimed at increasing IT literacy among local and IDP women.

In the area of peacebuilding, the organisation has implemented the following projects:

"Women and Peace" (“Kvinna Till Kvinna, Sweden);

"Women’s role in the peacebuilding  process” (“Kvinna Till Kvinna, Sweden);

Youth Peace Centre  “ We are for Peace” (COBERM, UNDP);

"Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict: Challenges and Prospects"  (ISNC, Georgia).

The organisation's main funder is the Swedish Women organisation "Kvinna Till Kvinna", Sweden


Information about Association

Association"IMEDI"IDP Women's Movement for Peace is non-profit, juridical entity which has been functioning in Zugdidi from 1999.

Our vision: Democratic society where men and women have equal possibilities in all spheres as well as in conflict resolution issues.

Our mission: Promoting of women’s participation in conflict resolution and peacebuilding process; psycho social and economic rehabilitation of IDPs.

Association is one of the first among women NGOs in SamegreloZemoSvaneti region who started working in the protection of IDP women and young girl’s rights, gender equality, increasing of women’s role in peaceful resolution of Georgian-Abkhaz conflict.

Geographic area:Samegrelo-ZemoSvaneti region.

Organization has been coorporating with non-governmental and international organizations, women’s NGOs and governmental  structures working on IDP issues.

During the years Association"Imedi" IDP Women'sMovement for Peace has been working in the following directions:

  • Women’s rights protection
  • Educational programs
  • Psycho-social rehabilitation programs
  • Peace building
  • Advocacy
  • Institutional development
  • Relationship with mass media
  • Networks


Projects implemented during 1999-2018:

1999-2000 Cultural-Educational Centers and Summer Camps for young people living in IDP compact residences (Open Society Georgia Foundation, Fund “Horizonti”, 5000 $).

2001-2005  Women and Peace  (Swedish Foundation Kvinna Till Kvinna, 6000 $)

2004-2005  Conflict and Georgian-Abkhaz society (Conciliation resources, 3000 $)

2006-2008 “Women of  Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti for Peace” (Kvinna Till Kvinna, 20 000 )

2008  Coalition project: “United for peace” (Women’s Fund in Georgia, 500 $)

2009 “Gender Equality— Equal opportunities for Women” (Women’s Fund in Georgia, 2000  $)

2009 Coalition project: “Women and Elections” (Women’s Fund in Georgia, 500 $)

2009-2016 “Women education and Information Center” (Kvinna Till Kvinna, 22 000 )

2011 Coalition project: “Woman, Rights and Society” (Women’s Fund in Georgia, 500 $)

2011 Coalition project of Samegrelo Gender Network “Increasing of civic awareness of women living in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti” (Fund Filia, 300 $)

2011-2012 Joint project: Youth Peace Center “United for peace”, Zugdidi, Gali, Ochamchire (COBERM, 27 000 $)

2015 Health rehabilitation center “Imedi” (Zugdidi Mayor, 6000 Gel)

2015 Joint project in Erevan, Armenia. Training for trainers “Reproductive health and rights”— Zugdidi, Gali, Gagra (Kvinna Till Kvinna)

2016 “Increasing of organizational potential”(Women’s Fund in Georgia, 5000 $)

2016 Enhancing Women’s contribution to peace and stability in the comminties of Abkhazia and Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti (EU Confidence Building Facility Project, EUMM, 10 000  )

2017,2018 Strenthening capacitities of women and young girls living inborderline  villages” (Kvinna Till Kvinna, 19 000  )

2017 "Cooperation for a well-equipped environment“, PIN, 15000 Gel

2017 IDPs women and girls handmade Exhibition and sale (“Centre for Cultural Relations – Caucasian House”, 500 Gel)

 2017-2018 “Empowerment of Rural women and youth”  (EUMM, EUMM, 20 000  )

 2017-2018  Georgian and Abkhaz Leaders Interaction Network for Women  (GEOCOR, 24 000 $)

 2018  Rehabilitation Center for children  "Imedi" (Zugdidi Municipality, 6000 Gel)

 2018  “Stability of the Organization for Effective Governance”, CSRDG, 4000Gel.


Brief information about some activities implemented by organization:

2003-2006 Conference “Women and Peace” with participation of women NGOs working in different regions of Georgia (Kvinna Till Kvinna)

2005Forum  “Women’s role in peacebuilding” with participation of Abkhaz women (Kvinna Till Kvinna)

1999-2015 Discussions on Georgian-Abkhaz conflict transformation with participation of invited experts (Conciliation resources; Kvinna Till Kvinna; Institute for the Study of Nationalism and Conflict (ISNC); IDP women’s Association “Tankhmoba”)

2005-2015 Participation in the workshops: National Strategy on IDPs, Gender equality law adoption, action plan on UN resolution 1325, providing of institutional mechanism for gender equality.

2003-2015 16 Days Action against Violence. Joint actions are held in the regions (Women Fund in Georgia, Kvinna Till Kvinna, UN Women)

2012-2015 Participation in informational meetings with participants of Geneva talks and NGOs working on gender equality and women’s issues(UN Women, OXFAM, and Women’s Informational Center, „Imedi“ IDP women’s movement for peace)

2012 Film “United for peace” on Youth peace center activities in Gali, Ochamchire and Zugdidi (COBERM)

2012 Workshop on Gender Equality Learning Module, conducting of trainings according to this module (CEDAW, UN Resolution 1325) UN Women

2013 Survey: Need assessment of the population living in the surroundings of Georgian-Abkhaz border line.

2013 Enhancement of women’s involvement in political life (NIMD)

2014Creating of Women’s Peace Network of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti which unites Women’s NGOs and leader women working in the region (Kvinna Till Kvinna)

2015 Preparing of the convention CEDAW

2015-2016 Preparing and submitting of the report on the implementation of action plan on UN Resolution 1325 in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.

2000-2016 Members of the Association “Imedi” have been participated in conferences, trainings, seminars and thematic meetings organized in different countries (Croatia, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkey, Armenia, Sweden) with participation of Georgian, Abkhaz, Ossetia, Armenian and Azerbaijan women

2002-2016 Summer peace schools for women and young girls with participation of international and local experts (Kvinna Till Kvinna, COBERM)

2013-2016 Participation in Gender Equality Councilof the Parliament of Georgia.

2015Letter of Appreciation givento the chairperson of the organization byGovernment of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.

2016 Certificate for the participation in “Georgian Youth Forum”given to the organization by Governmentof the Autonomous Republicof Abkhazia and Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia)

2017, a survey was about violence, reproductive health and rights of women and girls living in the borderline villages (GEOCOR)

2017 was held a joint seminar in Yerevan, where participated women and girls from the boarderline villages and Abkhazian region , they got more skills  of mobilization, shared contacts with each other and planned further cooperation.

2018 on September 21, was the presentation of the organization's activities in Zugdidi’s Art gallery ( Center for Strategic Research and   Development of Georgia ,CSRDG)



Staff  of  the  organization:

Kristina  Kilanava- Chairperson

Tutlana  Goginava-Member of the board

Leila Kursua-Member of the board   

Shorena Ketsbaia- Member of the board


Contact  information:

Association  "IMEDI"  IDP Women's  Movement  for  Peace

Street Sh. Kitia 9. II floor

Zugdidi, Georgia


Tel:0415-252029, 599919322,


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