Initiatives pour la Réconciliation Communautaire (INIREC)

Based in South Kivu, the mission of INIREC is to train, mentor and support grassroots communities and all segments of Congolese society in efforts to build peace.
Last updated: January 2020

INIREC (Initiatives for Community Reconciliation) aims to Contribute to the construction of a peaceful and prosperous Congo where the rights of all are respected and where there is no injustice, poverty, corruption and violence.

The vision is to live a peaceful and prosperous Congo (DRC).

INIREC's mission is to support and accompany local communities in peace and development initiatives.

Emission de sensibilisation sur la paix à la Radio

Specific objectives:

  • Prevent and reduce interpersonal, intra and inter-community conflicts and violence through exchanges, dialogues, capacity building and connector projects.
  • Reduce gender-based violence and human rights violations.
  • Support socio-economic reintegration and protection of vulnerable groups (youth and adolescents, women victims of violence, returnees, refugees, people living with disabilities, ex-combatants,...).
  • Mobilize grassroots communities to participate in the civic life of the country, in the construction of democracy and to demand positive social changes through non-violent approaches.
  • Reduce the incidence and contamination of HIV/AIDS and STIs
  • Promote the access of local populations to basic social services, such as education, drinking water, primary health care, etc.

Centre d’apprentissage des métiers aux femmes et jeunes vulnérables à Uvira

INIREC's activities

In order to achieve its objectives, INIREC is working on:

  • Organize training workshops in conflict prevention and transformation, on Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Human Rights, Democracy, Civic Rights and Duties, Good Governance, Leadership, ...
  • Create spaces for dialogue and exchange on peace and reconciliation between members of different communities.
  • Conducting connector projects in post-conflict communities and/or communities at risk of violence
  • Organize awareness and information sessions on conflict prevention and transformation, reconciliation, gender-based violence, Human Rights, Democracy, civic rights and duties, good governance through radio, theatre and cultural activities.
  • To popularize national and international instruments for the promotion and protection of the rights of women, children and people living with disabilities;
  • To document and denounce acts of human rights violations committed against women and children;
  • Provide training in income-generating occupations to vulnerable people, organize them into production units and support them in their income-generating activities.
  • Observe electoral processes
  • Raising awareness, providing voluntary counselling and testing and community training on HIV/AIDS ;
  • Providing psychosocial support to PLWHA and OVC;
  • Building and rehabilitating health, school and water infrastructure.
  • Conducting awareness and information sessions on hygiene and sanitation, primary health care, family planning, ...
  • Supporting schooling for vulnerable children

Distribution des Kits scolaires aux adolescents et jeunes artisans de la paix

Activités culturelles pour la consolidation de la paix et la sécurité en territoire d’Uvira

Formation des Jeunes Leaders sur la prévention et la transformation des conflits

Groupe des femmes pour la fabrication des filtres à Eaux biosable

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