Institute for Healing of Memories - North America

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The Institute for Healing of Memories – North America (IHOM-NA) is a 501c3 corporation, affiliated with the Institute for Healing of Memories …

Last updated: February 2018

The Institute for Healing of Memories – North America (IHOM-NA) is a 501c3 corporation, affiliated with the Institute for Healing of Memories in South Africa, founded by Anglican Priest, Fr. Michael Lapsley to promote healing, and reconciliation in the post apartheid years. In 1990 he survived a letter bomb sent by the apartheid regime, and has since devoted his life to facilitating the healing of others. He created the Healing of Memories methodology while working at the Trauma Center for Victims of Violence and Torture in Cape Town, which supplemented the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, headed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who continues to be a patron of the Institute. The story of our founder and the creation of the Institute can be seen by clicking the link below. Our workshops utilize a worldwide proven methodology developed in post-apartheid South Africa. We bring together people from different ethnicities, races, religions, and gender identities to explore and acknowledge the emotional and spiritual wounds carried by individuals, communities and nations, helping to break the destructive cycle of suffering, anger and violence disfiguring societies. Workshops are an experiential process of deep listening, reflecting, creativity, and sharing, in a safe, respectful space. Questions are posed for personal reflection that catalyze participants’ ability to get in touch with their feelings and ideas of identity, agency, justice, peace, healing and reconciliation Participants witness first hand the thoughts and feelings of people different from themselves who have nevertheless experienced great pain. Thus, the very experience that promotes individual healing also furthers mutual understanding, reconciliation, and a sense of community empowerment We serve people who endure the pain of discrimination, marginalization, and other traumas large and small. These include, but are not limited to the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, police and communities and first responders, immigrants and refugees, victims of domestic violence, child abuse, rape, and sex trafficking, people in residential substance abuse treatment, those living with disabilities, indigenous peoples, war veterans and their families. We have worked in many countries coming out of war and seeking to heal and re-build. We have been facilitating Healing of Memories workshops for police and communities in south Los Angeles and Chattanooga. Working in communities where police violence has created insecurity, escalating violence, and deep community distrust of the very people who should be serving and protecting them, these workshops offer a safe space to explore the perspective and pain of the other, create mutual understanding, and strengthen police and community bonds.

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