Israel-Palestine: Creative Regional Initiatives (IPCRI)

IPCRI is the only joint Palestinian-Israeli public policy think-tank in the world.
Last updated: November 2017

The Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) was founded in Jerusalem in 1988 to promote dialogue among and between Israeli and Palestinian civil society. Back then and for more than a decade, it was the only joint Israeli-Palestinian think tank in the world. In 2013, the center was renamed “Israel-Palestine: Creative Regional Initiatives”, because its focus has shifted from research-oriented programs to a more on-the-ground work and public outreach.

IPCRI is devoted to developing practical solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As we recognize the rights and ambitions of the Jewish and Palestinian peoples to fulfill their national interests of self-determination, we promote “two states for two peoples” as the framework of a solution.

IPCRI has two departments: "Research and Information" and "Sustainable Partnerships". Through its “Research and Information” projects, IPCRI aims to develop practical political solutions concerning the most divisive issues of the conflict such as Jerusalem, borders, economic relations, environmental concerns, and security, as well as advocate for them amongst decision-makers and officials. It also aims to strengthen the support base for peace through its innovative ideas and track II diplomacy efforts, which bring together prominent Israelis and Palestinians to work together on various issues. IPCRI's activities - which include research projects, round table discussions, conferences, and public forums - stimulate debate, inform the public about the possibilities for peace, encourage creative problem solving, and promote mutual interests.

IPCRI’s “Sustainable Partnerships” initiatives aim to build a social ecosystem for peace and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians as we believe that a just and sustainable resolution will only come about when such an environment exists. IPCRI's sustainable partnerships have one main objective: transforming the conflict into neighboring relations according to mutual interests. We believe that in order to reach a safe and sustainable reality, we must increase the interactions between Palestinians and Israelis in a variety of fields. We are investing in increasing partnerships in economic, academic, and professional realms, always operating according to two main values: mainstreaming Israeli-Palestinian interactions in order to fight racism and segregation and developing trans-boundary capacity for ongoing and long-term Israeli-Palestinian cooperation.  

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