Inter Faith Partners for Peace & Development (IPPD)

IPPD promotes peaceful coexistence between different ethnic and religious communities in Nigeria.
Last updated: October 2021

Inter faith Partners for Peace and Development (IPPD) is a non-governmental, non-profit faith based organisation with the aim of propagating peace among divergent communities for peaceful coexistence in northern Nigeria especially in Kano state. The organisation was founded to address contemporary ethic religious crises within the country (especially here in the north) and to find a better way of resolving all the crisis amicably.

The goal of the program is to reconcile our people with different ethno-religious background who had suffered from previous crisis. As election period is very critical in the Nigerian journey to Unity, Peace and Development, the need to start discussions and any other means of mutual understanding cannot be over emphasised. I.P.P.D's target audience is unemployed youth, market women, politicians, youth with unstable education, government officials, parents and security agencies.


The objectives of the programs are:

  • To bring an end to the present killing of innocent people in northern Nigeria
  • To inculcate peaceful coexistence among residents of Kano and Nigeria as a whole.
  • To propagate religious teachings and values towards peaceful coexistence.
  • To ensure that elections are conducted peacefully and without violence.
  • Workshops To enhance proper understanding of one another regardless of your faith.
  • To establish schools and training centers for youthful development especially for the girl child.


  • Live radio programs involving  different religious leaders of northern Nigeria.
  • Constant Discussants from all faith on a round table for better understanding of one another.
  • Explaining Religious teachings from all faith through the organisation of workshops symposiums public lecture.
  • Encouraging religious leaders to always deliver peaceful Sermons in Fridays and Sundays services.
  • Publication of pamphlets which are distributed all over the states; to inculcate peaceful coexistences through quotations from the Holy Bible and Qur'an.
  • Mounting of Billboards on all Major roads throughout the north with verses from The Qur'an and Bible on peace, unity, tolerance and better understanding of one another.
  • Establishment of Sir Sanusi School of Health Technology and others.

Major Achievements

  • The only organisation representing Kano state in a National Peace interactive sessions with the theme "THINK NIGERIA" (an effort to bring an end to Boko Haram)
  • Member, European Union "ROAD MAP" for CSOs on Peace building in Nigeria.
  • Active participant to bring an end to insurgency in Nigeria. by the Germany EMBASSY.
  • Organising youths footballs matches for Peace.
  • Arresting of the spread of Boko Haram by Discouraging the youths of Kano Jigawa Katsina and Kaduna State from involving in the Book Haram insurgency through a OneYear Radio propagation programme. Supported by The Royal Embassy of the NETHERLANDS.
  • Advocating solicitors from Lawyers-Without-Boarders (with active participation )  for the freedom of The innocent woman convicted for blasphemy and the Eight others in Kano (2015).
  • Successfully Advocating and converging Community and Religious leaders to prevent or arrest any electoral violence during 2015 Nigerian elections. Supported by DFID (UN).
  • The establishment of a community based college of Health Technology where its products graduate with Diploma to serve in Primary Health care centers.
  • Arbitrating and bringing the end of the perennial crisis between the Kano Police command and the Shi'ites that has lead (before) to many lost of lives. Supported by Nexus Fund (USA)

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