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Jagaran Nepal works to raise awareness for women's empowerment through programmes related to sustainable peace, good governance and human rights.
Last updated: December 2017

For more than a decade Jagaran Nepal has sought to bring positive change to Nepali society in order to improve the status of marginalised groups, particularly women in Nepal. Jagaran Nepal works to raise awareness for women's empowerment through programmes related to sustainable peace, good governance, human rights, and encourages women to play an active role in institutional development in Nepal.

Through their 'Peace and Reconciliation Programme', Jagaran Nepal works with conflict-affected women and children, providing them with counselling, empowerment support and education. The programme has led to the establishment of a number of women's peace groups and has so far directly helped 397 conflict-affected children to continue their studies.

Beside this, Jagaran Nepal has been conducting other major programs related to women and peace, which have included the following activities:

  • A signature campaign among the Constituent Assembly (CA) members and civil society for ensuring at least 33% female representation in key portfolios and positions of state;
  • Submission of a four-point memorandum along with over 300 signatures to the Chairperson of Constituent Assembly to put pressure on the government to select a women as the vice-chairperson of the CA and ensure at least 33% women’s involvement at all state mechanisms;
  • Policy-level awareness on different issues in the participation of women CA members;
  • 10 years vision (2008-18) for women rights was set through the organisations of a two-day national workshop;
  • An appeal to the CPN-UML party for ensuring at least 33% women’s representation and inclusive proportional participation at its new central committee to be formed after 8th General Assembly of the party;
  • Participated actively in the 'Sit-in' programme organised by the civil society to bring about an immediate solution to political instability in Nepal.


  • More than 300 signatures were collected and memorandum submitted from CA members and civil society that eventually created pressure to select a woman as the vice-chairperson of the CA;
  • Through 8th General Assembly of CPN-UML 33% women members has been ensured;
  • Organisation of the Civic Dharna (Sit-in) and participation could give a meaningful message to the political parties on the importance of the consensus;
  • Supported around 150 conflict affected girls to continue their school education; and
  • Establishment of resource centre with books and materials on women, good governance, sustainable peace and gender equality.

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