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JUHUDI works to empower marginalised communities in Kenya in order to end injustice and poverty and provide opportunities for all.
Last updated: August 2015

JUHUDI was founded in 2007. Since then it has worked to empower marginalised communities in Kenya in order to end injustice and poverty and provide opportunities for all.

Main projects:

Constitutional & rule of law education

Under this program area, JUHUDI intends to entrench the new constitutional order of 2010 in all aspects of people’s lives. JUHUDI will work to promote a new way of thinking that corresponds with the new laws and ensures that all social, economic and political processes are guided by the constitutionalism and rule of law.

Good governance

JUHUDI works to give citizens the tools to demand accountability from their leaders, including making information available at all levels of decision-making and ensuring proper participation in decision making processes.

With the devolved governance structure of the Kenyan constitution, increased vigilance from all citizens will be required to ensure that resources are shared fairly and equitably. JUHUDI aims to play a key role in this area, thanks to its experience in social accountability and devolved funds.

Human rights, disability and gender parity advocacy

This program area will see JUHUDI working with national institutions and community based groups. With the new constitutional bill of rights as a guide, the objective is to bring women and young and disabled people to the forefront of development, ensuring their input in decision-making.

Land & environmental management

Land and natural resources have been a cause of major conflict and human rights violations in Kenya. As an organisation, JUHUDI seeks to create a platform where the authorities work hand in hand with citizens to embrace reforms in the land sector and promote its fair use.

HIV/Aids prevention

Aids has emerged as one of the biggest killers in the world. JUHUDI works to promote behaviour change and use its as role models to raise awareness of the dangers and preventive measures which can be taken to combat the disease.

Major achievements:

As part of JUHUDI’s lasting contribution to capacity building and skills transfer in Kenya, the organisation is currently implementing a project dubbed Towards Peace, in Tana River County, with support from several different sources. It conducts community meetings, reconciliation forums and training in dialogue facilitation. It aims to establish a network of key individuals who will form a network of practitioners working on inter and intra-community reconciliation in Tana River County.

JUHUDI has also run a project called on supporting peaceful and fair elections, carrying out civic education in Lamu Country. The main aim of the project was to engage citizens in discussions around how best to hold peaceful political and electoral processes in the area, including improving understanding of the devolution process. JUHUDI organised weekly, village-based, informal forums on the constitution of Kenya and its provisions for devolution and elections in Lamu County. It also organised cultural events during the voter registration period, and ensured that opportunities for young people to participate were developed.

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