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Jump provides young people with an opportunity to get actively involved in developing their own community by upholding human rights, peacebuilding, environmental protection and increasing mobility
Last updated: January 2018

Jump was established in 2010 by two experienced youth workers, with the aim of strengthening the skills of young people, whilst opening their minds and horizons, in the town of Prijepolje, Serbia and elsewhere. Jump provides young people with an opportunity to get actively involved in developing their own community. Jump’s strategy is based upon upholding human rights, peacebuilding, environmental protection and increasing mobility. All Jump’s programs are developed on the principles, values and methodology of non formal education. The main objectives of Jump are to:

  • promote, develop and protect human rights;
  • implement peacebuilding activities;
  • ensure environmental protection;
  • contribute to the development of the local community;
  • develop active citizenship through volunteer activism;
  • increase youth mobility.

Jump is developing projects with different national and international partners, building upon strong connections throughout Europe. Jump’s main partner is the local youth office of the municipality of Prijepolje. Jump is also cooperating closely with the Council of Europe’s Youth Peace Ambassadors programme and as a partner with numerous European organizations, primarily through the Youth in Action programme. Members of JUMP were used as trainers in the first “Regional youth peace camp”, held in Albania in 2012. jump-1

Jump is developing projects with a focus on Serb-Bosniak tensions in local community, a great part of which is led by young people. Jump is trying to use informal methods and non-violent communications techniques to tackle such issues.


HUB Prijepolje

HUB Prijepolje is a new project which was initiated with the aim of supporting students from 2 high schools and young artists in the process of shaping their ideas. HUB provides a creative environment designed in such a way to provide necessary support and inspiration for young people to work on development of their ideas and is a place where young people can learn to think 'out of box', interact with others and work on fulfillment of their dreams.

Youth in nature

Youth support to an Eco-village in Sopotnica, near Prijepolje. Gathering 35 participants from Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia and Serbia, the main focus was on the creation of Eco-villages as a tool for generating sustainable communities.

Youth Activists – Changemakers 2

Building an eco-park through volunteerism, Prijepolje 2010/2011. This project gathered a huge number of volunteers who built this interesting place for young people. The partner on the project was the Youth Office of Municipality of Prijepolje. Three main results of this project are a) new and eco-friendly place for youth gatherings; b) successfully stopped irresponsible drivers from parking their cars on green areas; and c) gathered many young people who became Jump volunteers and started to be much more actively engaged in their local communities.

YiA in Sharp action 

Sharp action is a method based on non-formal education and focused on "hacking" project applications and presenting them as doable for everyone. During the training, different motivational methods and tips & tricks were used for developing new projects. This training course is conceived as an excellent method for learning and writing of projects by using 20% of energy and gaining 80% results.

Snadji se

A 2011 project focused on equipping young people with skills for finding and using information.

Jump has also partnered on a number of other projects:

  • Cultural and Rural: European Voluntary Service project in partnership with Casa Juventud from Fromista, Spain – One JUMP volunteer active on project in Spain February – October 2011;
  • Extended hands: LimART Prijepolje, 2010/2011 PROGRESS, UNDP;
  • More than an image: Youth exchange, Macedonia, 16. April – 23. April 2011 – 5 JUMP active in Macedonia;
  • Let’s cooperate with our neighbours: Youth exchange, Poland, May. 2011 – Feasibility Visit! Themes: EVS project, conflict transformation, human rights;
  • Feasibility visit: in Cardiff, Wales – May 2011;
  • From informal learning to non-formal learning: July 2011.
  • Partnership Building Activity: in Ghent, Belgium;
  • YiA YEAH: August 2011 – Youth exchange in Croatia.

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