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Justice for Peace Foundation works to strengthen non-violent efforts to protect human rights, promote access to justice & end impunity in southern Thailand.
Last updated: June 2010

The Justice for Peace Foundation has been working since 2006 to strengthen non-violent efforts to protect human rights, promote access to justice and to impunity in Thailand's southern border provinces.

The Justice for Peace Foundation was founded in June 2006 as a network of human rights and peace activists aiming to strengthen non-violent efforts to protect human rights, promote access to justice, and end impunity. Justice for Peace engages in human rights monitoring and advocacy while encouraging grassroots activism and supporting victims of human rights violations in their fight for justice. Much of its work is focused on empowering local communities in the far south, which Justice for Peace sees as a central catalyst for change in the troubled southern border provinces. Justice for Peace works at the local, national and international levels and believes efforts at all levels are necessary in order to develop the political will to protect human rights and prevent their violation.

Among Justice for Peace's main objectives and goals are:

  • Increased public awareness on the importance of justice, human rights and the rule of law;
  • A greater political will within the government to address human rights and justice issues;
  • Increased protection for those seeking justice;
  • Improved and wider networks of advocates of non-violent measures to end the conflict in the restive southern border provinces, and greater mobilisation of local communities in efforts to protect human rights, end impunity and give improved access to justice to victims of the conflict.

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