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Kesh Malek works on advocacy in Syria on issues such as elections, the constitution, human rights and transitional justice, national identity, and education.
Last updated: July 2016

In late 2011 a group of friends created Kesh Malek. They agreed on the importance of delivering to the Syrian people a political message about the revolution and its values. The group started to secretly write, print and distribute leaflets until mid-2012, when large areas of Aleppo were liberated. After that the group started to work on projects in the liberated areas of Aleppo.

Kesh Malek works on advocacy campaigns on issues such as elections, the constitution, human rights and transitional justice, national identity and education. It believes that the Syrian revolution is the way to achieve democratic changes in Syria and to pass from an authoritarian rule to a pluralistic democratic state, which respects human rights and is free from all forms of tyranny and dictatorship.


Kesh Malek aims to build a democratic society based on active citizenship in Syria. It believes Syria should have a constitution that guarantees the rights of all Syrians, rather than being ruled by discrimination, sovereignty or a unique party, and that such a constitution should give all Syrians the opportunity to be integrated and to participate in public affairs and in political and civil lives.

Description of activities

Advocacy Campaigns: leads campaigns, writes and distributes leaflets, and creates videos aiming to raise awareness on political and social issues.

National Identity: believing that the Assad administration spread hatred between religious sects - by oppressing ethnic minorities, banning political and social activities and by systematically violating basic human rights - a priority for Kesh Malek is promoting and highlighting the common characteristics that unite Syrians. It therefore built victims’ memorials across the city of Aleppo and implemented numerous activities promoting the Syrian flag. Kesh Malek focuses on promoting the Syrian flag, history, art and culture, along with holding seminars inside Aleppo to discuss public issues to rebuild, showcase Syria's multicultural identity, and help create a platform for dialogue among citizens

Education: Kesh Malek supervises and monitors nine schools in the liberated areas of Aleppo City, providing 3330 pupils with education. It has repainted the school walls to remove all the posters and slogans referring to any ideological or political orientation, and hired two education experts to supervise the on-going educational processes within the schools. Its staff attends a series of courses.

Capacity building: Kesh Malek aims to help the citizens of Aleppo to actively participate in the managing of their city. Therefore, it holds training sessions for activists to develop their skills in strategic planning and their knowledge in human rights in order to empower civil society organisations, as well as workshops for the local council in Aleppo city to build a structure and basic administration to empower it to play a bigger role in the civil administration of the liberated areas. Kesh Malek is also considering holding more capacity building for local civil society groups and committees both in Aleppo city and Aleppo countryside.

Kesh Malek produces a newsletter describing monthly civil society activities.

Sources of funding

Receives voluntary donations from supporters (who can donate via the website).

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