Knowledge for Community Empowerment Organisation

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The Knowledge for Community Empowerment Organization works on development, community conflict and human rights issues.
Last updated: November 2017

The Knowledge for Community Empowerment Organization (KoCEPO) was established in 2009 by a group of development activists to deal with contemporary problems in development, community conflict, human rights violations and abuses and social and economic empowerment in Sierra Leone. KoCEPO is a non-profit making, non-political local NGO that is registered with SLANGO, and the councils in its operational districts.

KoCEPO works with local communities to improve the quality of life of young people, women and other vulnerable groups through grassroots participation in governance, the promotion of human rights, peace promotion and other sustainable programmes that will improve the standard of living of communities. The organisation currently coordinates 24 organisations in Kono, and is a member of several networks at regional and national level


KoCEPO seeks a culture of peaceful co-existence in communities free from violence, poverty, discrimination and exclusion especially for youths and women

Recent achievements

Its areas of work include and have included:

  • The bar-election of 2011, which was marred with violence between the two may political parties .A training session on the danger of conflict and the essence for peace was organise .The outcome of the session was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with five political parties in the district .This help to quell the violence and the election was reported by all observers to be free and fair.
  • A conference in 2012 with youths was held on how to address the perennial conflict in the district. This engagement produced the District Youth Protocol.
  • An institutional peace forum between the Koinadugu District Council and the council of Paramount chiefs in Koinadugu was conducted in 2012.
  • Supporting youth to be elected for political offices, increasing the number of young people in both the district and city council in Kono.
  • Organising youth forums on peace and justice. This programme brought together youths from the 14 chiefdom in the district. It was funded by the Outreach section of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Lessons were learnt on non-violence and that there is no impunity on crime particularly for leaders of organisations. It was done in collaboration with the District youth Coalition (DYC).
  • Helping to mediate in land disputes between Sandor Chiefdom in Kono District and Nieni Chiefdom in Koinadugu chiefdom.
  • Providing training on human rights and conflict management for young people in six chiefdoms.

Partnership/alliance network

KoCEPO is in partnership with Ibis-Danish NGO.

KoCEPO is coordinating for Central for Accountability and Rule of Law-CARL/SL in Kono and Koinadugu.

Member of the Human Rights Committee in two District.

Operation Days Work - Denmark.

Member of the Regional and National Network on Justice and Security.

Coordinating the activities of 22 CSO in Kono.

Implementing a project with 10X10 (Girl Rising Project).


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