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Leaders of Tomorrow works to build a community of young Arab leaders who are capable of serving their local communities creatively.
Last updated: December 2015

Leaders of Tomorrow is an independent youth-led NGO, active since 2007 in Jordan and regionally in the Middle East and North Africa. Its mission is to build a community of young Arab leaders who are educated, critical, initiative-takers, and capable of serving their local communities creatively. It aims to break cycles of elitism in education and civic engagement by rediscovering and reviving public spaces creatively.

Leaders of Tomorrow's Objectives are to:

  1. Train youth on leadership skills, critical thinking and socio-economic empowerment;
  2. Encourage voluntary service and strengthening the concept of social responsibility among individuals and organisations;
  3. Support and foster youth initiatives in various fields;
  4. Reinforce the concepts of belonging and citizenship among Jordanian youth and increase their public engagement;
  5. Reinforce human rights, democracy, and dialogue values;
  6. Increase awareness and social understanding in handling and solving societal issues;
  7. Research Jordanian societal issues and needs in collaboration with the private and public sector.
Leaders of Tomorrows has several key initiatives. These are:


Diwanieh aims to transfer political and social discussions from elitist political and social saloons and ateliers to the street. By training youth on debate skills and organising public debates on controversial issues in unconventional arenas, the prroject ensures participation of Jordanians from different socio-economic backgrounds and ideologies. This helps to hold decision-makers and officials accountable.

Diwanieh aspires to introduce the new model of public debate and dialogue to the grassroots level, with people from different age, backgrounds, socio-economic classes gathering and discussing their issues in public in an organised and civilised atmosphere. Leaders of Tomorrow sees it an open platform for youth to practice public and persuasive speaking, as well as a documentation mechanism for Jordanian political and social history.

Image Credit: Leaders of Tomorrow.

Over the last three years, Diwanieh has worked with youth in Amman, Ma’an, Mafraq, Az Zarqa, Irbid, Aqaba, Ajloun, Karak, and the Romanian capital Bucharest - where it trained more than 500 young man and women in debating skills - organised 19 public debates across Jordan and established debate clubs in nine Jordanian governorates.

Over 60 Jordanian official and experts have participated in Diwanieh representing the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of political Development, Ministry of Social Development, Jordanian Parliament, House of Deputies as well as several private and public department and entities.


Fadfed, or 'Let it out', is a youth initiative that provides an open, low-key and free platform to encourage citizens to creatively express their opinions about sensitive issues on white papers in public spaces. By live-tweeting these opinions to decision makers, experts and officials, the project bridges the gap between the the offline and online communities, holds decision makers accountable and keeps the experts in touch with the grassroots. Public opinion is documented, analysed and used to contribute to research.

Leaders of Tomorow 3 FADFED Image credit: Leaders of Tomorrow.


Mo7aka is a creative initiative that puts youth in an intense, mind-changing experience and builds their critical thinking and problem-solving capacity through a simulation and role-playing environment. It provides eye-opening experience on human rights issues and contentious social and political subjects in unconventional public spaces.

Image credit: Leaders of Tomorrow. Image credit: Leaders of Tomorrow.


Mustkbalna or 'Our Future' is an initiative that prepares high-school students aged 15-18 for university. Through career counselling and gender awareness workshops and university field visits, it encourages students to study what they are passionate about. It helps facilitate their transition to a co-educational environment so they don't get a gender shock.Through presenting the different specialities options through a cartoon book, students are able to explore and identify their passion.

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