MAC Movimento Accao Cidada (Movement for Citizen Action)

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MAC is a movement working for democratic values such as community participation and freedom of expression in Guinea-Bissau.
Last updated: December 2017

MAC, Movement for Citizen Action, was created after the military coup d'état of April 2012 when some civil society movements pushed for democratic values such as participation, freedom of expression and the exercise of active citizenship. MAC was born as a demonstration of outrage at the political, economic and social turmoil.

The movement made the choice not to depend on any external funding but to stand for its own objectives and its own agenda. MAC adopted a horizontal structure where all members are called to participate with ideas and actions that contribute to the execution of core objectives.

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  • Blog for Citizen Action: this blog is a public space to exchange and debate on different topics that need to be discussed such as democracy's viability in Guinea-Bissau, citizenship, development, education, women's participation, culture, urban civility, early dating, among others. In addition this blog is a means of information about MAC actions that are being implemented and their results.
  • National conferences: these are held in Bissau on a monthly basis. They address many of the above issues.
  • Radio programmes for active citizenship: these radio programmes are open to the general public and take place at Radio Bombolom with national coverage. The topics are varied, but are always in line with the Movement's objectives. Radio is one of the most important media in Guinea-Bissau as it reaches the majority of citizens.
  • “Djumbais da cidadanía” or citizenship discussing: these are the most direct way to reach young audiences outside Bissua. They take place at the request of organisations working with and for youth in different regions of the country. The methodology used is based in non-formal education. It includes activities where one can experience the basic reasons for the lack of democracy, participation and the characteristics of the exercise of power.


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