Machsom Watch

Machsom Watch monitors the behaviour of soldiers and police at checkpoints, ensure that the rights of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories are protected.
Last updated: November 2017


MachsomWatch Objectives: Our mission is to protest against the Israeli Occupation and the human rights violations caused by the Occupation.

MachsomWatch: Who are we?  We are a movement of close to 200 Israeli women peace activists united by our commitment to the protection of human rights and our opposition to the Occupation.

MachsomWatch was founded in January 2001 in response to repeated reports about human rights abuses against Palestinians crossing army and border police checkpoints.  

 MachsomWatch: What do we do?   

  • We observe and document:  The humiliating passage of Palestinians on their way to work in Israel at the Checkpoints.
  • We observe and document:  Farmers prevented from reaching their agricultural land, be it through physical or bureaucratic barriers.
  • We observe and document: trials of detainees, political prisoners and minors at the Military Courts.
  • We Confront the Bureaucracy of the Occupation:   We attempt to assist Palestinians navigate through a complex bureaucratic system as they apply for work permits which are frequently denied without cause or reason.
  • We reveal and publish the injustices of the Occupation. In our tours to the West Bank and the Jordan Valley we share with thousands of visitors what life under the Occupation looks like. In meetings with young people we explore the meaning and significance of human rights.
  • We meet and learn:  We meet with Palestinians in their villages throughout the West Bank and in remote hamlets in the Jordan Valley. We learn about the problems they encounter be it the inability to access their agricultural lands, water restrictions, demolitions, evictions and military raids into their homes.



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