Human Security Initiative Organisation (MAMAN)

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MAMAN's mission is to support human security in Sudan by promoting the protection of civilians, respect for human rights and sustainable development.
Last updated: February 2015

The overall objective of MAMAN is the protection and promotion of human security in Sudan. This is achieved through supporting and directing programs, project research and developing organisational capacity in areas such as small arms proliferation, the creation of a culture of peace and conflict resolution, and the protection of human rights (including an end to the use of child soldiers). MAMAN also provides a range of training and education courses for young people, civil society organisations and police personnel in human rights and the rule of law.

Workshop on threats to peace and human security

MAMAN successfully held a workshop on the issues which threaten peace and human security in Sudan. The workshop took place in the 'Police Home' (a building which hosts police meetings and events) and was facilitated by the Sudanese Minister for the Interior, Aleu Ayieny Aleu. The workshop brought together a range of participants, including independent specialists, and members of the police force and government and civil society. The idea was to create an open discussion to bring together all those interested in working toward peace in Sudan and to give the authorities a chance to play a greater role in securing peace by allowing them to listen to the experience of outside people and organisations. The workshop ended with the setting up of a centre, of which the police represent a part, to deepen their cooperation with peace and human security work.

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