MAPS (Multi Aid Programs)

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MAPS (Multi Aid Programs) provides help in education, community service, health and relief programmes for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
Last updated: December 2019

MAPS (Multi Aid Programs) provides help in education, community service, health and relief programmes for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Its mission since its establishment in January 2013, is to empower those refugees and provide them with hope and necessary skills so they can live in dignity, until they are back in their homeland and able to participate in its reconstruction. It is about Syrians helping Syrians, with Lebanese consultants when needed, with the following motto "One family towards dignity".

Main activities and achievements

The Education Program in Lebanon (EPL) seeks to address one of the most important challenges Syrian refugees face in Lebanon. The project provides learning opportunities for children on an equal basis, employs Syrian teachers and works on building their capacities and effectiveness.

They are trained on class management, planning lessons, interactive learning, conflict resolution and Lebanese curriculum criteria.

Under these objectives, the “MY RIGHT TO LEARN” project was implemented at five schools during the summer of 2014. It benefited 971 students aged between 6 to 14 in basic literacy and numeracy that year.

In the academic year of 2014-2015, seven schools in the Bekaa area provided basic literacy, numeracy and other courses according to the Lebanese curriculum. 1641 students benefited then and more than 4000 ever since.

EPL supervised the administration of Al Amal (the hope) school for the academic year 2015-2016 for 2850 students. It also supervised the Syrian Education Center that still implements the Syrian curriculum in some cases in Lebanon. Al Amal turned later into educational centers. In 2019, Al Amal was received in award by the Arab League as one of the best Arab initiative in humanitarian and development fields. They have friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, staff, students, parents, and management personnel to connect them and deal with everything related to school such as attendance, examinations, grading and school calendar.

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The students MAPS sponsors in Lebanon under the name "Hope of Syria" scored high in several local and international competitions in robotics in Washington DC, Mexico and Dubai for senior and junior students. Articles on them appeared in the Washington Post and the Guardian.

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Moreover, the organization has been working with prestigious Western universities to develop its programs and help its beneficiaries get fully sponsored scholarships. It has granted school reports certificated by Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon to pupils to help them to enroll in Lebanese schools. It is also providing vocational training in media production and photography to help refugees express themselves and invest in building their capacities. MAPS produces memes and short clips about success stories of refugees, whether in Lebanon or Europe and Canada.

The Crochet Community Collective is a women empowerment project, and through women helping their children. Crochet is a traditional Syrian craft. 50% of the purchases goes directly the artist, the other 50% supports MAPS primary schools located inside informal tented settlements. Some dolls made by these women are sold in London and NYC.

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The Health Program in Lebanon (HPL) is another major program of MAPS.  It offers integrated health care for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, improves the skills of Syrian medical staff and works with Lebanese agencies to provide working opportunities for Syrian health workers and raise the quality of health care refugees receive. It produces awareness campaigns as it is believed 10 percent of the adult refugee community in Lebanon suffer from diabetes.

HPL has a mobile clinic that visits several camps in central and Western Bekaa. It offers medical care and drugs for free. It helps chronic diseases patients get medical care at affordable prices.

The “Wounded and Sick Fund” covers medical procedures for Syrians in Lebanese hospitals and medical centers. With this fund and other health services provided by MAPS in cooperation with other organizations, 240000 persons received medical services, and it includes Lebanese as well.

Finally, the Relief Program in Lebanon works on relief related cases.

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