Médias pour la Paix et la Démocratie (MEPAD)

MEPAD is an organisation that focuses on conflict prevention and peacebuilding through supporting journalists, the press and media in general.
Last updated: November 2017

Created in 2010, Médias pour la Paix et la Démocratie (Media for Peace and Democracy, MEPAD) runs the Journal Ecole Mongongo (Mongongo School Journal), working to support the professionalisation of journalists and the media with training and follow-up on the production of radio content and written press that encourages respect for the Rule of Law. The programmes are shared between rural and urban radios.


MEPAD also offers professional internships, supported by a computer learning workshop, for journalists practising in rural areas.

In regards to peacebuilding, MEPAD initiated civic debates called 'Café Presse' (Cafe Press) where journalists, civil society organisations and other authority figures can discuss local issues with the assistance of a journalist mediator. The topics are chosen in a mutual agreement between journalists and civil society organisations that seek to identify the most pressing matters. The organisation shares these experiences with other journalistim NGOs located in North and South Kivu.

To prevent conflict and promote peacebuilding, the articles and radio programmes, widely disseminated, give a voice to citizens, civil society and other actors. They react and are encouraged to act, but always in accordance with the law. This tends to reduce violence linked to 'justice served by the people' themselves.

Open and tolerant debates transform conflicts by creating and reinforcing a climate of trust and constructive collaboration. These debates serve as an eye-opener on the importance of preserving free quality media as well as the necessity to support journalists.

MEPAD, a member of Syfia International, can be seen as a federation for journalists and a benchmark between media, civil society organisation and other authorities. The organisation encourages the creation of journalist associations in order to foster collaborative. MEDAP also collaborates with national and international NGOs that focus on the defence of the freedom of the press.

The Cafe Presse debates gather around 30 to 50 fifty people by discussion. Depending on the project, around 10 to 20 journalists benefit from the workshops. 4 to 7 people manage these projects.

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