Middleway - Compassionate Engagement in Society

Middleway finds novel ways to put an end to the circle of violence, hatred and fear.
Last updated: March 2012

Middleway is a non-profit, non-political grassroots organisation, which grew from the need felt by thousands of Jewish and Arab Israelis and Palestinians in Israel to find novel ways to put an end to the cycle of violence, hatred and fear, and to live in peace on the same land.

Middleway began its activities in April 2002 , during escalation of the intifada, with an 8 days long silent peace walk from Jaffa to Jerusalem, in which hundreds of people participated, aiming to reach the hearts of people and society, and create a culture of peace and reconciliation. Since then many peace walks have taken place all over Israel and in the Palestinian Territories, and many activities have stemmed from this initial authentic wish to find a different solution.

Activities include

  • Monthly silent peace walks, followed by conversation sessions held in small circles, where participants listen to one another with compassion and respect, as they practice and learn peace-making;
  • Yearly extended walk (several days long), intended to strengthen the group and the connection to the communities that host the walkers. This is an opportunity to engage in more in-depth dialogue, pain relief and compassionate listening;
  • Distinct humanitarian activities in the West Bank including possibilities for Israeli doctors and alternative practitioners to volunteer in Palestinian hospitals, for teachers to visit schools, to renovate kindergartens and host Palestinian kindergarten teachers in a Jewish/Arab Kindergarten in Galilee;
  • Ongoing dialogue activity with Israeli settlers in the Gaza Strip;
  • Several activities in the village of East Barta'a: a. Dialogue circles between Israeli Jews and Barta'a people b. Activities with Barta'a children: promoting a peaceful and non-violent culture. c. Establishment of a community clinic staffed by volunteer conventional and alternative medical professionals. d. Support for improving the connection with the authorities, including permenent contact with the military and police in the region

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