Movement for Resettlement & Rural Development

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MoRRD promotes human development, governance, human rights, justice and security and sustainable peace-building initiatives.
Last updated: November 2017

The Movement for Resettlement and Rural Development (MoRRD) was established in 1996. MoRRD seeks to strengthen the relationship between state and non-state actors to promote pro-poor policies and development in Sierra Leone after its civil war. MoRRD assists the government and other development partners in promoting human development, governance, human rights, justice and security and sustainable peace-building initiatives.

MoRRD has successfully completed several key achievements:

  • Establishing local child protection structures in seven chiefdoms in Kailahun district. These structures help to identify the needs of children and to address them through various intervention strategies, including protection,, psychosocial support and mentoring. Support for this intervention is provided by Save the Children International.
  • Training 160 community members as conflict mediators in 16 chiefdoms in Kenema district and ensuring that these mediation structures still exist to handle conflicts issues relating to women, family abandonment; plantation and bush palavers and other issues in rural communities. Action Aid through the Enhancing Citizens Interactions between the State and non-State actors program funded these activities
  • In partnership with Development Alternatives, Inc., implementing the Sierra Leone’s Access to Security and Justice Programme with funds from DFID. This has worked on improving women's access and owner ship over land and other property for the last two years in Kenema district, eastern Sierra Leone. Over 1000 rural women in all the 16 chiefdoms in Kenema district have had an improved level of education, information and awareness on existing laws, policies relating to land, inheritance and property ownership that will enable women claim rights over these issues.
  • MoRRD is currently working in partnership with BBC media action to promote human rights and access to justice and security for rural people, especially girls and women, including the disabled. To date, over 1500 rural people including women and girls have benefited from this initiative.
  • With support from ASJP and DFID, MoRRD has provided “seed money” grant facility for 10 smaller CBOs in Kenema district which in a way has helped most of these CBOs to develop their capacity for community project implementation.
  • MoRRD is also operating conflict mediation services through its Alternative Dispute Resolution process for local community who do not have the resources to take their matters to courts for litigation, or do not have money to retain lawyers, or do not have confidence in judicial systems, especially women. Since 2012 to date, at least an average of 10 cases from rural communities that are not felonious are reported to MoRRD's office for mediation on a monthly basis. The outcomes have been very successful for permanent peace and reconciliation. To date, more than 360 matters relating to family settlement, bush, women's issues, boundary disputes, plantation and land issues have been successfully resolved.

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